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Woodstain and Wood Protection

Protect your wooden floors, furniture or fixtures with a high quality wood stain that will add years to their lifespan. Products like Sadolin Extra Durbale Woodstain are easy to apply and help preserve the integrity of timber for years to come.

Use them indoors or outdoors and enjoy the all-year weather protection provided against the weather and other harmful elements. Wood stain brings out the natural beauty of the grain and keep surfaces looking newer for even longer, not only saving you money but time. Browse our selection of wood stain and wood protection products to

Year-round weather protection

If water finds its way into the wood it can eventually freeze and start to break. Over time this will deconstruct the entire integrity of the material, weakening its strength and ultimately destroy its worth. A product such as Ronseal Woodstain ensures protection against water ingression and UV rays, helping the timber to maintain its colour. When used on outdoor furniture it means it will last for much longer and help you get the most from your wooden items, both large and small.

Rot prevention

Unsealed wood can start to rot if it is not given the right level of protection. Rot is not only unsightly to look at it is extremely harmful to the strength of the wood and once it starts it can be difficult to stop the spread. It can start through termites, mould or mildew, but if you apply a product like Ronseal 10 Year Woodstain you can prevent this from happening. Use a sealant to stop rot appearing on your favourite wooden items inside and outside the home.

Cost efficient

Timber can quickly show signs of wear and tear when not sealed, especially on flooring that experiences high levels of foot traffic. Painting can offer some level of protection, but only at a low level that won’t really keep the wood from looking worn down as it starts to crack and flake. Dulux Woodsheen would be ideal for this sort of sealant and aside from being more effective is cheaper to apply and lasts for longer, reducing maintenance requirements.

Aesthetic appeal

Wood remains one of the most popular types of materials found in many homes from flooring to furniture and that comes from its timeless natural appeal. When you apply stain, the grain of the wood remains visible, so the material loses none of its rustic style. There are also a variety of colours available to find the right match, with products like Sadolin Jacobean Walnut also available in Teak, Light Oak and Mahogany.

Easy to apply

Compared to painting woodstain is much easier to apply to wood, so combined with the above benefits it becomes an even more straightforward choice to make. With a stain there is no need to use a primer, which cuts the application time in half. Depending on the product and surrounding environment there will be varying levels of maintenance required, although even wooden steps that experience a lot of footfall can be left a couple of years before being recoated.

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