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C24 Treated Timber

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C24 Treated Timber

If you are looking for timber for your latest project, consider the C24 timber we have available at Armstrong Cheshire. We have a fantastic range of timber for you to choose from, which means you can construct your latest project easily and in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and our affordable prices – we make savings on the products we buy, and we can pass those savings on to you.

It is an excellent timber that can be used for a number of projects and is considered to be superior to C16 timber in terms of both strength and durability. It is aesthetically pleasing and is very resilient which makes it a fantastic choice.

But why should you consider buying your C24 treated timber joists from Armstrong Cheshire for your latest project? And what is it?

What Is C24 Timber?

C24 timber is a timber that has been graded to a higher standard than C16, which means it is a premium piece of timber that can handle more than C16. This timber is kiln-dried to minimise the moisture content within and is used in a range of construction projects, although it is used less than C16 timber. 

It beats C16 timber in both appearance and properties although you can expect to pay a little more for C24 timber over C16 timber – it offers both superior properties and performance levels. It is incredibly resilient and robust and has many pleasing characteristics. C24 is perfect for projects where the timber may be visible due to its aesthetically pleasing nature. 

Did you know that the structural timber make-up of this type of timber means it can take almost 50% longer for the wood to grow? This means it produces more growth rings, and the more it establishes, the greater its density is, which increases the overall strength of the timber.

We Have A Massive Range

We have a wide range of high-quality treated timber with C24 structural graded and treated, suitable as floor joists, rafters, and timber frames. All of this structural timber is regularised – this does mean the finished size will be slightly smaller than the item listed so please bear this in mind when ordering.

We offer tanalised timber joists– tanalised means timber that has been preservative treated using Tanalith and which provides long-term protection from decay, insect, and wood borer attack. If having your timber preserved is essential, then definitely considered our tanalised timber.

High Pressure Treated

Our treated timber is high-pressure treated with Tanalith or something similar, which provides it with a 15-year service life. You want your timber to last the test of time and with the 15-year service life our treated timber offers, you know your project will remain durable and strong throughout its lifetime.

Many Different Sizes

We have many different sizes of timber to choose from. As well as 4x2 treated timber and 6x2 treated timber c24 graded, we have many other sizes you can opt for to complete your latest project. You will indeed find every size you need right here on Armstrong Cheshire.

As this type of timber can be used for a variety of project types, we stock several different sizes, which all also come in varying lengths – lengths vary from 1.2m up to 7.2m

A Range of Affordable Prices

Our C24 treated timber is priced very affordably which means you can get exactly what you need for your project without breaking the bank. Prices start from £6 upwards for our smallest timber, all the way up to £24 upwards for our largest timber. The largest timber we sell in the longest length comes in at £110 which is extremely affordable and competitive for the type of timber it is.

No matter your budget, our prices for our C24 treated timber will undoubtedly be affordable for you.

Perfect For A Variety Of Projects

Our strength-graded timber is suitable for a variety of projects. This timber offers a stronger material than traditional C16 grade and can, therefore, be used in more demanding circumstances and bridge wider spans. 

C24 timber can be used for a number of projects, such as bridges, terraces, and balconies, due to its strength and durability. They are also commonly used for projects such as installing new roof rafters and outdoor decking. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing it yourself or using it professionally; this timber is perfect for you. 

Projects you should consider using C24-treated timber for are:

  • Ceiling Joists
  • Timber Framing
  • Roof Rafters
  • Web Joists
  • Deck Joists
  • Floor Joists

If you are looking for some C24 timber for your latest project, then Armstrong Cheshire will have what you need. Contact us on our live chat to ask us any questions you may have or discuss your order. 

Here at Armstrong Cheshire, we pride ourselves on our customer service and are keen to help you find exactly what you are looking for. No matter how big or small your project is, our C24 timber might be perfect for it. Why not consider it and give it a try today?

All our structural timber is regularised  so the finished size will be slightly smaller than the item listed. For example 47x150mm (6x2") Timber will finish 45x145mm.

Associated products

We are able to provide a complete range of materials to complete your project. For example, if you're using joists for a flat roof, we supply Furring Strips to give the slight slope that would be needed. 

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