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Oak Porch Kits

  • Oak Porch kit

    Norton Oak Porch Canopy Kit

    Our Norton Oak Porch Kit is designed and beautifully hand crafted from certified seasoned green oak. Creating an attractive entrance to your proper...

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  • Oak Porch kit

    Silchester Oak Porch Kit

    Our Silchester Oak Porch Kit is designed and beautifully hand crafted from certified seasoned green oak. Creating an attractive entrance to your pr...

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  • Four post Brancaster Porch
    from £5,040.00

    Brancaster Oak Porch Kit

    Our Brancaster Oak Porch Kit is designed and beautifully hand crafted from certified seasoned green oak. Creating an attractive entrance to any pro...

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An oak porch can really make the difference to a home. It stands the test of time, looks beautiful and elegant and can be a real talking point. We have a lovely selection of oak porch kits available on the Armstrong Supplies website at very affordable prices.

If you are looking for oak porch ideas, then look no further than the products we have available at Armstrong Supplies. Whether you choose the Norton, Silchester or Brancaster Oak Porch Kit, you can guarantee that it will look incredible and have everyone asking about it.

No matter what your budget is, we will have the right porch for you. Just get in contact with us if you would like some help choosing the perfect porch for your property.

Why Should You Consider an Oak Porch?

An oak porch is a wonderful idea for creating an attractive entrance to your property and makes it both welcoming and desirable. An oak porch can be easily accommodated on most homes and can come in many different designs.

They are a timeless addition to any home and a home with an oak porch included will definitely look both luxurious and homely. They help to merge the indoors and the outdoors as well as providing added value to your property. They add some practical functionality and, of course, also offer fantastic curb appeal.

If you might be considering selling your home in the future, then a porch makes a great addition to your home now whilst you are living in it whilst also adding curb appeal and value to your property, meaning you may get a higher price for your property.

It Will Stand the Test of Time

Oak is a very durable and robust timber and is often renowned for how it performs outdoors. A decent quality oak porch could last for decades and some even say they get better with age, thanks to the slight weathering that happens to them.

Different Designs to Choose From

The timber framed porches we have available come in three different designs – the Norton Oak Porch Kit, the Silchester Oak Porch Kit, and the Brancaster Oak Porch Kit.

The Norton Oak kit is a beautifully hand crafted green oak porch kit, made from certified seasoned green oak. It features a stunning twin post design and the kit is supplied flat packed with easy-to-follow assembly instructions.

The Silchester Oak kit is also beautifully hand crafted from certified seasoned green oak and features a gallows bracket look which works well with most homes. Again, this kit is supplied flat packed and comes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions.

Our Brancaster Oak porch kit comes in four different styles so there is plenty to choose from. Customers can opt for a four-post design, a single left-handed dwarf wall design, a single right-handed dwarf wall design or a double dwarf wall design. This kit contains all the components you could possibly need to assemble your porch including a truss, rafters, ridge, and the posts to suit. Like our other kits, this also comes flat packed and with easy-to-follow instructions for assembly.

Various Price Ranges

Whatever your budget, we will have the perfect porch kit to suit your needs. Prices range from £2,685.00 for the Silchester Oak Porch Kit all the way up to £5,040.00+ for the Branchester kit (prices vary upwards from this amount due to the different designs).

Expertly Made Porches

All of our porches are expertly made and designed by the best designers out there. They are beautifully hand crafted and designed and are extremely popular because of their appearance. They will give an attractive, natural, and elegant appearance to any home and will give any home that luxurious and homely feel. They are meticulously crafted. 

Easy to Assemble

All of our porch kits are extremely easy to assemble – they are delivered to you flat packed on a pallet for ease. Each kit comes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions and the kits can be put together in a short amount of time.

Easy to Maintain

Oak porches are fairly easy to maintain – it all depends on how you would prefer the oak to look. Oak is very durable and very robust and the natural oils and resins in the oak help the porches to withstand a multitude of weather conditions.

However the oak can weather slightly thanks to sun exposure. Many customers like the slightly weathered look however if this isn’t your preference, you could always use a protective treatment on it.

To keep it cleaned and maintained, all you truly need is some warm water and soap, using these regularly to clean up the porch and make it look in tip-top shape once again. However don’t be afraid to use protective treatments on your porch if that is what you prefer.

If an oak porch is something that you are considering, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here at Armstrong Supplies. We have a wonderful selection to choose from and each would make an attractive entrance to any home. An oak framed porch makes a wonderful addition to a property.

When shopping at Armstrong Supplies, you are guaranteed high quality products, fantastic customer service and affordable prices. Why would you want to shop anywhere else for your porch needs when we have all you could possibly require?

Should you need any help with choosing your oak frame porch, we would be more than happy to assist you. Give us a call on 0116 452 0510 and we would be happy to help you choose the perfect porch for your property. Our team are extremely knowledgeable and would be happy to discuss your needs and find you the right porch for your home.