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Brick Slip Accessories

If you are looking to install brick slips on the inside or outside of your home, then we have all the brick slip accessories you could possibly need to make your project a success. Whether you are looking for brick slip adhesive, brick slip mortar or tile spacers, we can provide you with it all.

Brick slip walls have grown in popularity as they give you the natural, authentic look of brickwork in places where actual bricks might not be sustainable. Brick slips are tiles created in the same way as real bricks and require brick slip adhesive and grout to apply them to your wall. They can be used both inside and outside to create a striking aesthetic that is easy to maintain.

Is it easy to install Brick Slips?

If you are a fan of DIY, you should have no problem installing your brick slips. Applied to the wall in the same way as ordinary tiles, brick slips are a durable and stylish option that requires just a little bit of adhesive to ensure they stick to the wall, as well as mortar for brick slips to hold them in place for a long time.

What do you use to install Brick Slips?

Your choice of adhesive will depend on the surface of the wall that you are applying your brick slips to. Some surfaces absorb water better than others, which will have an impact on how things stick to them. Epoxy-based adhesives are best for walls that won’t absorb water, while cement-based adhesives are suitable for most other surfaces, helping to keep them from soaking up the glue before your brick slips have had a chance to set. You should also choose your adhesive based on the location of the wall – brick slips external adhesive is best for outdoor applications.

Can Brick Slips be fixed to plasterboard?

When applying brick slips to plasterboard, it is a good idea to seal the board with a couple of coats of PVA in order to prepare it for the adhesive. The board should be completely dry before beginning, but then it is actually a much easier process since the boards are naturally smooth and free from dips and undulations which can make it difficult to get a neat finish. Use a rapid-set adhesive for best results and don’t forget your brick slip pointing mortar.

Do Brick Slips need sealing?

It is not essential to seal your brick slips after applying them to the wall since brick is a tough and durable product that is mostly unaffected by its environment. However, you might choose to seal them if they have been installed in an area of high traffic where they are likely to become dusty and dirty. There are various different types of sealants available that will provide different levels of water repellency, as well as different aesthetic finishes.

Do You Grout Brick Slips?

Unlike traditional tiles, brick slips do not use grout to join the individual pieces together. Since brick slips have a textured surface, it would be very difficult to complete the screeding process, so grout is not a suitable option. Instead, it is advisable to use a brick slip mortar mix and insert it into the spaces between each slip. Our light grey brick slips gun injected mortar products are ideal for this very task, making it incredibly easy to get a neat and stylish finish on your wall.





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