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Skirting Board & Architrave

Whether you need to install a skirting board or a door architrave, we have an impressive collection to choose from. All products are made from slow grown Scandinavian Redwood rather than the cheap whitewood that is commonly used in cheaper alternatives offered elsewhere. And as with all wood-based products sold by Armstrong it has been supplied from responsible sources. 

Installation is incredibly easy and once in place they will last for many years to come, giving your walls and door frames protection and ornamental appeal. Take a look at our range to find the perfect match for your home. 

What is the purpose of a skirting board?

Over time your home will experience a lot of wear and tear and often not in the most obvious of places. That’s one of the main benefits of having a skirting board or architrave in place, as they work as a barrier that protects the walls and plastering work from coming into contact with furniture that could damage it. Skirting boards in particular prevent things such as vacuum cleaners, mops, toys and other items buffering up against the lower part of the wall and creating unsightly scuff marks that are difficult to remove.

What are the best skirting boards?

Installing skirting boards or architraves made from MDF gives you more assurance that they are less likely to crack or warp as the wood is man-made. The temperature in any home fluctuates throughout the day which can cause traditional wood to contract and expand and can lead to cracks. The material used in every MDF skirting board in our collection features no knots or splits and is moisture resistant so can be used in kitchens and bathrooms if needed. 

Skirting boards only expose the front face and top edge when fitted. Architrave exposes 3 sides, rather than 2. Therefore, they differ in the number of visible sides when fitted and it shows when the products are primed or painted.

Can you glue skirting boards to the wall?

Using a gap filling grab adhesive, yes, you can stick skirting boards to the wall.

Improved aesthetics

There is no doubting that walls and doors look better with architraves and skirting boards installed. They look quite bare without them in place, and adding these features makes the finishing touch and space look much more professional. Skirting boards can also be painted and redecorated at any time to match the look and overall aesthetic of the room, so as long as they remain in good condition they can be adapted to fit any style you want.

Variety of styles 

At Armstrong, we have a wonderful collection of wall fixings for your home. Whether you are looking for something a little more traditional like an Ogee skirting board, which remains a popular style for many households, or a Torus skirting board with its slightly more contemporary design, you’ll find it all right here. Our skirting boards and architraves are twice primed so you can enjoy the best possible finishing touch after installation.

Low maintenance and cost effective 

Compared to other options skirting board and architraves are much more cost effective. Sometimes after floor installation there can be uneven gaps and using skirting boards to hide them is a lot cheaper compared to redoing entire sections of the floor to fix the problem. Cleaning a wooden architrave or skirting board is also extremely easy, with only a quick wipe down needed to remove any dirt or grime that appears over time.

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