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0116 4520510

Skirting Boards & Architraves

Whether you’ve a new wall to dress, or are improving the look of your existing skirting and architrave our Arranwood Skirting board and Architrave collection is full of options to suit your needs.

MDF Skirting boards and Architraves are extremely durable and quick to install and finish. They don't warp, split or twist and are easy to fix by simply gluing. The twice primed finish is far better quality than many competitors products and are therefore ready to accept your top coat finish.

Our High Quality Softwood Skirting boards and Architraves are machined from slow grown Scandinavian Redwood - not the cheaper whitewoods used by many competitors.

Why not choose your fixings and finishing from our wide range.

Armstrong Supplies only buy responsibly sourced wood.

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