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OSB 3 'Sterling' Board

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OSB 3 'Sterling' Board

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) has become an increasingly popular product in the construction and DIY industries in recent years. Plywood was the go-to option for many years, but homeowners and home builders are now seeing the many great benefits OSB 3 boards can also provide.

At Armstrong Cheshire, we have an impressive collection of OSB board sheet sizes and thicknesses for sale to choose from for house-building and construction projects. From tongue and groove (T&G) OSB 3 boards for roofing to sterling boards for load-bearing purposes, all our products have been responsibly sourced and deliver high levels of performance. They are ideal for use in humid conditions and can also be purchased together with our range of  plywood sheets.

Strong and durable

OSB sterling board is strong and durable, featuring as many as 50 layers of strands, with each one laid across the other to strengthen the construction. This makes it ideal for dry lining, subfloor construction, or decking. There is a range of sizes available, with thicknesses of 11mm and 18mm OSB board ready to buy at Armstrong Cheshire. Compared to the likes of steel or concrete it is generally a much more energy-efficient material.

A more efficient material

In most cases OSB board is made from strands of wood that come from small trees which are from specially planted forests, protecting mature trees. When it comes to the manufacturing part of the process, almost every part of the cut tree is used, leaving little if any, wastage behind. For example, the bark can be used to create energy for the mill. OSB3 panel boards are also generally safer to use for contractors due to the newer waxes and resins used in the manufacturing process.  

Cost effective

Compared to plywood OSB boards are a more cost-effective building solution. This is because plywood is usually produced as a thicker material and requires more exacting standards during manufacturing, which in turn increases costs. When combined with the other benefits OSB boards can provide, such as durability and size, it’s easy to see why it is so widely used at home and on professional projects.

Less absorption

OSB sheets are ideal for roof decking as they absorb water at a slower rate than plywood and then are treated to become waterproof and usually lie flattered. While it takes a bit longer to dry out after being exposed to moisture and water, it can be used by professionals on areas of the roof that are not left exposed. OSB boards also offer more consistency across the surface, whereas the quality of plywood available to buy can vary quite widely.

Environmentally friendly

OSB boards also provide more green benefits due to the trees that are used to make them and the fact that every part of the trees used in production can be used. All of the OSB board products we sell at Armstrong have been resourced responsibly, reducing the impact on the environment. They are all British Board of Agreement (BBA) approved and do not feature any added formaldehyde, helping you make the right ecological choice for your next project.

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