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Free UK Delivery Over £50

Paving Patio Kits

If you're looking for some great garden block paving ideas for your dream garden then the Bowland Stone Paving Products Range has plenty of choice whatever style of garden design paving that you're looking to achieve and our paving patio kits, including paving slabs, paving stones offer great value too.

Some of the paving packs have a fixed design whereas others give you the freedom to create your own laying pattern as they contain mixed sizes of paving slabs. Whether your outdoor space is big or small, the addition of a patio can make a really striking and simple to maintain feature. With our wide range of paving and patio slabs these easy to assemble and hard wearing paving options come in a variety of different designs and surface texture, from sleek and simple to unique and interesting.

We also have a wide range of circle paving kits for awkwardly-shaped areas, such as curving garden paths and around garden ponds, which can either complement the paving patio kits or look great on their own. 

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