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Planed Timber

Why not check out our fantastic range of planed timber at Armstrong Cheshire? We have a great range of planed timber for you to choose from – and it is all good quality and at an affordable price. If good environmental credentials are essential for the products you buy, then be assured that the products we sell have excellent environmental credentials as they come from FSC or PEFC sources. 

Whether you're looking for something 1-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch, or 4-inch thick or a width 5-inch, 6-inch, or even 9-inch wide, we have the piece of timber for you. 

We know what people want when it comes to their timber options, and we have a variety of types and sizes just for you to choose from. Whether you are looking to make some shelves or you are trying your hand at some other DIY project, the timber collection we have is full of products that will suit your requirements. We have Scandinavian Redwood which is slow-grown and sustainably resourced and will suit every type of project.

Why Choose Planed Timber?

There is many reasons why someone might choose planed timber. It is a great aesthetic choice and is fantastic for feature pieces. It can give the interior of a home a contemporary look or look more traditional and rustic if you so wish too.

It is also really easy to use and has plenty of advantages over rough-sawn timber. It doesn’t need sanding, which can save so much time. It is also completely smooth and splinter-free, unlike the rougher types of timber.

What’s the Difference between Sawn and Planed Timber?

Rough-sawn timber tends to be used for pieces where the timber will be concealed, so if the structure will be visible, planed timber is a much more viable and attractive option.

What Type of Planed Timber Is Right for You?

Our range includes planed all round timber also known as softwood planed square edge timber (PSE for short). But what is planed square edge timber?

It can be tough to know exactly what timber is the correct type of timber for your project. Planed square edge timber (i.e. PSE timber) is just one type, and sometimes people don’t know what it is despite it being one of the most popular DIY options used for specific jobs. Planed square-edge timber is exceptionally different from rough timber.

What is Planed Timber?

If you are choosing planed timber, it is the finished product that has been planed to remove the roughness of that outer layer to make it smooth and which allows the grain of the wood to show through. Planed square edge timber, or (PSE timber) specifically, is a finished state of timber with four sides smooth and with only the ends being rough where they were cut to length. This gives a smooth, bright finish and is perfect for use anywhere the wood is visible.

Nearly any type of wood can be planed but some like kiln-dried, redwoods and whitewoods are most popular. The other great thing about this type of timber is that there are plenty of options for size and length. It is great for use in furniture and shelving – plus it can even be used in flooring if it is given the right treatment. It is very versatile and can be used in many projects.

You might also see something called PAR timber. Par timber meaning is a timber that is planed all around. This means both the edges and the sides have been planed. It is a little more costly than Planed square edge timber or PSE timber and is mainly used for structures or projects where all sides are visible.

Get the Right Timber for Your Project

Once you know the differences between the different types of timber, you will want to make sure you get the right timber required for your project.

Planed timber can be used for a number of different projects. A popular use for this timber is sash windows as it can give a home a traditional-looking appearance. Shelving is also another project which suits planed timber well. It is a fairly easy DIY job and can be easy to stain to fit in with the rest of the home’s décor.

Softwood planed timber can also be used outside if you choose to use a treatment to preserve it from the elements. They can be prone to moisture penetrating the wood but having been treated, it is a reasonable choice. However, hardwoods might be a better choice if available.

A Variety to Choose From

We have a wide variety of sizes to choose from. In fact we confidently claim that we have a far bigger range of planed Timber Sizes than you'll find at B&Q or Wickes

The timber we have to offer is all softwood and from the Arranwood brand. Softwood is wood that has been harvested from the spruce, pine, or fir species. Plenty of the timber is redwood of the highest quality which has been kiln-dried for stability, due to the excessive moisture that is found when timber is felled.

No matter what size you need, we will have the perfect size required for your project.

Great Quality Products

The quality of the planed timber we have on offer cannot be beaten. The timber looks beautiful, smooth and with the gorgeous grain of the piece showing through. The Arranwood Planed timber collection is full of options to suit your needs and can be used for a variety of projects.

Superior finish

When talking about planed wood all around it means that all surfaces of the timber have been planed. In effect, the whole piece of wood has been shaped to a uniform level in every aspect. As a result, the finish is far smoother than natural or sanded wood and can be used straight away for whatever project you have in mind. 


Timber is one of the oldest and most traditional pieces of construction material that remains as essential today as it did when it was first cut and used. Not only does it work great for cladding and insulation, but also as a load-bearing structure. Smooth planed square edge timber (also known as PSE timber) has a wide range of uses and continues to be one of the most popular choices used for a variety of projects.

Great aesthetic 

Buying planed wood ensures you can have the right piece of timber you need for your project right away. It’s essentially a way to customise the wood to meet your specific requirements and it also has a number of benefits for the material itself. That’s because planning can remove any small defects that may exist, giving you the ideal start point, and is also the best finish available for treatment or paint. 

Unique pieces

Every piece of wood is unlike any other, and a piece of planed wood also helps to show off the character of the grain and its depth of colour. Softwoods like kiln-dried, redwood timber have a beautiful natural tone that looks stunning after it has been planed and used in the right project.

What can you use planed wood for?

Planed wood is used for a variety of purposes inside the home, including things like:

Shelving: Once the wood has been cut to size and planed around all edges, installing shelves is a simple job to do. And when stained it can create a really lovely finish and style for your home.

Sash windows: Sash windows are one of the oldest styles of frames used today, giving any property a classic, traditional appearance. And compared to uPVC, wood acts as a better insulator. 

Flooring: Planed wood is great for internal flooring thanks to the natural colours and grain. If you are planning a renovation then this is one of the best types of wood you can use.

Homemade furnitureYou can bring real character and style to any room with homemade furniture. Bespoke planed timber gives you the chance to try out different colours and textures and it is also cheaper than buying ready-made furniture. 

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