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Patio Grout Jointing Compounds

Here at Armstrong Cheshire, we have a wide variety of patio jointing compounds for your patio projects. If you are looking for patio grout or paving jointing compound, we are sure that we will have exactly what you need.

What is patio jointing compound?

A jointing compound is a bonding agent that landscapers use to seal gaps between slabs, tiles or paving stones. It can be used to refurbish some existing paving or even if a new patio or driveway is being laid. It is important to ensure the surface is level and clear before starting any work with any product.

But why should you consider Armstrong Cheshire for your patio grouting needs?

Here are just a few reasons why purchasing these items from us is the right idea for your project.

We Stock A Range Of Patio Jointing Compound

We currently stock five different types of jointing compounds on the Armstrong Cheshire website. The reason we stock such a variety is that we know that landscapers have their favourite brands. With people having particular brands that they gravitate to, we wanted to make sure we had plenty of choices and the likelihood of having their favourite in stock.

Whether you are looking for brush in patio grout or patio slab grout, there really are plenty of products to choose from.

We've recently introduced the Nexus Projoint range of standard and professional products including the ProJoint Porcelain Primer and Grout

Sika Fastfix Patio Grout Jointing Compound is another popular choice which also comes in a choice of five different colours. It is a self-setting paving jointing compound which provides the ideal solution to perfect pointing on your paving, paths and patios. It won’t shrink or crack over time and is ready to use with no mixing required – another product where it is no wonder it is so popular with landscapers.

One of our most popular products is the Geo Fix Original Paving Joint Compound which weighs 20kg – don’t hesitate to contact us for availability when it comes to this one to make sure we have it in stock! We also have another Geo Fix product in the All Weather Paving Joint Compound. The Geo-Fix brand offers fantastic products which are ready-mixed and can be brushed easily into joints with little effort required. The product is faster and better than cement-based mortar and is a really popular choice.

Armstrong Cheshire also stocks the fantastic Joint-It Simple Brush In Jointing Compound – every Joint-It product is formulated to deliver a professional quality result. It is developed by professional paving contractors for professional paving contractors and landscapers which means you know it is of the highest quality.

As you can see, all five products are extremely popular and high-quality products. Here at Armstrong Supplies, we pride ourselves on only offering the best quality products to our customers. Should you see any products showing as out of stock, please note that they will be back in stock very soon as we are always refreshing and updating the stock on our website. If your product of choice is showing as unavailable, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us about availability and we will see what we can do.

We Offer Affordable Prices

We hope our customers think of our affordable prices. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our great prices – we are able to buy products in bulk for great savings which means we can then pass on those savings to our customers. Our jointing compounds are all extremely affordable.

No matter what your budget is, you will be able to find the right patio jointing product to suit your needs.

Perfect For A Variety Of Projects

The products we stock at Armstrong  Cheshire are perfect for patios, paving and tiles. Whether you are laying a new patio, path or driveway or you are simply looking to refurbish some existing work in and around your home and garden, these products will do the trick. You will easily find the right product for your project and may find it has multiple uses too, thanks to the large sizes we stock. Our products are easy to store which means you can use them again and again.

Here at Armstrong Cheshire, we are more than happy to help you with anything you need. If you have any questions about the right jointing compound for your project, please do not hesitate to call us on 0161 4682628 or jump onto our live chat. We are also happy to discuss your order – we hope to make your shopping experience with us as straightforward and stress-free as possible so let us help you to make a perfect choice.

Our customers are important to us, and we know your projects are important to you. Let’s find the right product for your needs together so you can complete your project quickly, effectively and affordably. Please do get in contact today.
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