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  • What Is Tanalised Timber?
    3 June , 2021 Gerard Dickinson

    What Is Tanalised Timber?

    Tanalised timber is a type of wood that has been treated with certain chemicals that make it stronger, longer lasting and tougher. It is also known as pressure treated timber. But what is Tanalised timber used for and how easy...

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  • Can you paint suspended ceiling tiles?
    11 May , 2021 Ryan Bibby

    Can you paint suspended ceiling tiles?

    You can paint suspended ceiling tiles into almost any colour you want. You simply remove them from the suspended ceiling grid, paint them, allow drying time and then put them back in the grid. How to install suspended ceiling tiles...

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  • Is Plywood Waterproof?
    29 April , 2021 Gerard Dickinson

    Is Plywood Waterproof?

    Plywood is a common sight in a DIY shop or builder’s merchants, available in sheets of different widths and finishes.  But there’s always one big question about the product that follows the obvious questions about what it can be used...

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  • How To Cut Paving Slabs By Hand
    6 April , 2021 Ryan Bibby

    How To Cut Paving Slabs By Hand

    There are lots of reasons why you might want to cut that garden slab or those set of paving slabs you’ve bought for your garden.  The most common one is that they simply don’t fit in their ready-made size.  Or...

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  • How to fit brick slips
    9 March , 2021 Ryan Bibby

    How to fit brick slips

      There are lots of clever techniques and products out there to help you get the finish you want in a room or the exterior of your home.  A perfect example of these is brick slips.  These are the perfect...

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  • How To Fit A Loft Ladder And Hatch
    2 February , 2021 Aaron Stretton

    How To Fit A Loft Ladder And Hatch

    There’s nothing more irritating than needing something from the loft but having to go to the shed to get ladders first. Especially on a snowy day in January when it is so cold! One of the easiest solutions is to...

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  • How to cover a manhole
    1 February , 2021 Jess lee

    How to cover a manhole

    Key in providing vital access points to underground utility networks such as drainage, electricity and gas systems, manholes allow for subterranean repairs, maintenance and inspections to take place as easily and efficiently as possible. However, while they are an essential...

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  • How To Fit Corrugated Roofing Sheets
    20 January , 2021 Isabel Edwards

    How To Fit Corrugated Roofing Sheets

    When it comes to roofing, there’s no shortage of options. But when it comes to things like car ports, conservatories or outbuildings, you don’t want something as heavy-duty as you would for the roof of your house. That’s where corrugated...

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  • Can You Lay Bricks in the Rain?
    19 January , 2021 Ryan Bibby

    Can You Lay Bricks in the Rain?

    For many, the idea of laying bricks in the rain might seem like one that is relatively straightforward. After all, in the UK, bricks and mortar are exposed to the elements all year round so why wouldn’t it be possible...

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