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Pinboards & Notice Boards


Our collection of pinboards and notice boards is thoughtfully designed to cater to a diverse range of uses, offering functionality, durability, and versatility. Each board in our selection is engineered to serve specific purposes, meeting the needs of various environments, from bustling school corridors to quiet office spaces.

Constructed with attention to safety and performance, these boards are made to comply with high fire safety standards, making them suitable for use in areas where safety is paramount. Their robust construction ensures longevity and a dependable surface for displaying notices, educational materials, or office memos.

Their environmental consideration matches the practicality of our boards. Many in our range are made from recycled materials, offering a sustainable choice without compromising on quality. They are also designed to reduce noise pollution, with certain boards featuring acoustically absorbent properties that contribute to a more focused and less distracting environment.

Versatility is a key component of our collection. Some boards are crafted to be cut into various shapes, allowing for custom installations that fit any room or design specification. This flexibility is coupled with the practical benefit of excellent pin retention, ensuring that whatever is displayed stays securely in place.


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