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MDF Boards

At Armstrong Supplies, we offer a comprehensive range of premium quality medium density fibre boards (MDF) that can be used for almost any internal application. MDF wood remains one of the most versatile timber sheets around today, which can be routed, machine cut or jointed to suit the needs of your project. The smooth surface makes it easily veneered or painted to create the perfect finish.

MDF is generally stronger and denser than particle board or plywood and will add integrity to wide range of structures. Our long-standing relationships with leading suppliers enables us to supply the very best boards for our customers, all available at low, affordable prices. From thin MDF board to moisture resistant grades, our selection has everything you need to get started.

Highly durable

Moisture resistant MDF can be used in areas where high levels of moisture is present, or where the room may be more humid, thanks to the addition of fungicide additives used in the manufacturing process. And because it is made from hardwood eucalyptus timber it can also easily be painted and polished where required, giving you even more adaptability for use.

Strength and reliability

Armstrong has a range of MDF board sizes, with everything from 3mm white MDF board to standard 25mm boards available to purchase. MDF is renowned for its strength and reliability, which is why so many in the construction trade continue to rely on it, as do countless homeowners for various DIY projects. Such is the material’s toughness that it is recommended that only carbide tools are used to cut through it to produce the best results.

No knots

Thanks to its uniform density, MDF board is free of natural defects and offers a smooth surface and clean finish. That means there are no knots in the material (areas where branches would normally have grown out) which gives you more control and the option to cut the board in any direction you need. This makes MDF ideal for all types of furniture to substitute solid and plywood, which is why it is now some commonly used for kitchen cabinets.


All MDF boards provided by Armstrong Suppliers are FSC certified from managed resources ensuring damage to the environment is minimised as much as possible. Some of the boards, such as those designed to cope with high moisture levels, also meet the current E1 low emission standard recognised across Europe. This indicates the maximum levels of formaldehyde used in each board, which makes them much safer to use.

Panelling made easy

Our MDF tongue and groove panelling products make it easy to achieve the classic matchboard aesthetic to create a stylish, rustic look. They are pre-machined with an additional beading profile that makes installation easy and hassle free. Use them to create wall panels, kitchen units or bath panels, while professionals can use them for shop fitting, bar fronts, exhibition stands and much more. They are primed ready to finish and ensure no shrinkage at all.


What are the types of wood board available?


These boards are made of wood chips pressed in perpendicular layers and bonded with resin applied at high pressure and temperature, which gives them a good mechanical strength and rigidity with uniformity and high outdoor durability. These boards are also fully recyclable.


Plywood boards are made of overlapping wood sheets glued perpendicularly and heat pressed. Just as with cross laminated timber (CLT), cross-directional fibers in plywood allow the board to withstand greater stress.


Hardboard is a rigid engineered panel with smooth faces. It's lightweight and versatile, making it ideal for a wide range of uses such as furniture backing and floor lining.


Chipboard is created by pressing wood debris, such as sawdust and dust, with resin and glue. It can be finished with paints and varnishes, but they rarely stick, since the surface is not smooth or uniform. The main advantage of this agglomerate is its low cost.


MDF boards are made of wood fibres bonded by synthetic resin and compressed through pressure and heat, resulting in a solid and very uniform board with good finish and durability.