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Wooden & Concrete Fence Posts

Armstrong Cheshire provide an impressive range of high-quality timber and concrete fence posts that can be used in gardens and similar outdoor environments. From fences and post caps, to gravel boards and post sleeves, you’ll find everything you need to set up an eye-pleasing boundary that fits seamlessly into your surroundings. 

Easy to stain

Wooden fence posts are easy to stain, which can instantly transform the appearance of your property. Doing this one simple thing can make all the difference, giving you a brand new look in no time at all. Stained wooden fences posts can also help prevent UV damage and colour fading, as well as rotting, providing a water-resistant finish is applied. 

Rot protection

Ground line rot and decay is the main reason for fence and gate post fail, but there is a solution. Using a Postsaver fence post protector will extend the lifetime of the post by a significant amount, compared to a treated post. A fence post sleeve features a polythene outer layer with a bituminous liner that can be melted, ensuring you receive much better value for money. 

Cost effective 

Installing fence or gate posts is a more cost effective option compared to alternatives. Timber posts in particular are lower in price while also remaining highly effective. For example, a Birdsmouth post for knee rail fencing can be used in car parks or as a general barrier to stop vehicle over-run, creating an effective fence that is also affordable to construct. 


Timber is one of the most durable materials around, which is why so many people continue to use it in construction and other important projects. Whether it’s the concrete fence posts or wooden gravel boards (we also sell treated gravel boards), Armstrong Cheshire sell high quality timber that can stand up to long-term use in a wide range of environments. 

Superior support

Good quality fence posts can last for decades, ensuring you have superior fence support. V-notched fence posts in particular allow the arris rails to sit flush which increases the overall integrity of the structure. The best types of concrete posts to buy are those that have been pressure treated, as this will help reduce the chances of rot developing and enhance the durability of the material.

Easy installation

At Armstrong we also sell slotted concrete fence posts which are just as easy to install as timber alternatives. The installation process is straightforward as it simply involves fitting pegs to holes in the fence. This means it is not a time-consuming process, so it can be done relatively quickly. Removing the concrete posts and garden fencing is also just as easy to do too. 


There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to garden fencing, and you can easily choose the width of each rail contingent and height of each post before you install. This can be altered any time you need, if a different barrier height is required at a later date. And if you want to beef up security measures, winding barbed wire around the rails is always a good idea.

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