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Brick Slip Tiles


Brick slips tiles are perfect for creating a classic or stylish look inside or outside your home. You can use them to make a brick slip fireplace or to protect your property with simple cladding. They have many benefits for whatever purpose you use them.

Choose from our wide range of brick slip tiles, including Victorian, smooth red, grey, and old barn styles. Armstrong Cheshire offers an unbeatable collection. And once installed, you won’t be able to spot the difference compared to a traditional brick wall.



Brick slip tiles are a great way to make exposed brickwork look more aesthetically pleasing from an external point of view. These increase curb appeal for potential buyers of the property. With numerous styles to choose from, it's simple to find the perfect one that suits your desired style.

Increase property value

Not only will the property look better, but adding slip brick could also help increase the property’s value. This will be due to both their aesthetic appeal and the practical benefits they can provide to the property in general. 

We have many types of brick slips to match your existing property. The Kassandra Multi Brick Slip is the most popular and we have it in a 20mm thickness.


Lower maintenance

Installing brick tiles ensures you will have minimal maintenance compared to painted walls. All you need to do is occasionally wash down the brick slips to keep the wall in good condition. 


Brickslip walls are tough and long-lasting, perfect for withstanding the challenges of British weather. Once installed correctly, they will be able to deal with even the most aggressive types of wear and tear.


Manufacturers make brick slips from real clay, which is one of the most durable natural materials around. If installed correctly, they will last for years and provide excellent value for money.


Insulation is more important than ever today, especially in the fight to be more eco-friendly. They help keep buildings warm and quiet in busy cities by adding insulation to prevent heat loss and reduce outside noise.

Energy savings 

As a result of the added insulation, the property will also benefit from improved temperature regulation. This will reduce your energy bills over time, allowing you to eventually recoup your investment.

Interior protection

Adding brick slips is a great way to further increase protection against water penetration. If water gets into a building, it can cause damage. Adding this layer can save money on fixing problems caused by moisture.

Fire resistance 

Clay brick slips are incombustible and inert, which will ensure higher levels of protection against heat and fire. Of course, how they have applied and constructed them will greatly depend. 

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