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Trex Decking Boards

Gardens and outdoor spaces have become more critical than ever before, and in today’s age, you don’t have to spend a fortune to create the perfect aesthetic. Finding the suitable decking for the space will let you transform the garden into a place you spend more time in, relaxing in the warmer months of the year without care.

Trex composite decking is manufactured with all of that in mind, and we have a wide selection of decking boards to suit any outdoor space, from Trex Transcend Composite Grooved Decking Board Lava Rock to any composite decking boards. Just as importantly, Trex decking is made from 95% recycled wood fibres, making it one of the most sustainable decking products available today. 

If this is your first time installing decking boards, use our Composite Decking Calculator to find out how many you will need for your space. You can use it for square edge and tongue and groove Trex composite decking. Using the calculator will help save you money and waste and ensure you buy the right amount needed for the job.

Features and benefits of Trex Decking

Exciting range of colours

Trex decking boards are available in various colours, making it easy to find the right tonal match for your home. From silvers and greys for more modern and contemporary environments to traditional reddish-browns and dark spiced rum colours, whatever design you have in mind, finding the right tone is hassle-free.

Long-term value

Trex composite decking is a long-term investment that ensures you get the most from your purchase. Using a unique three-sided protective shell guarantees superior weather protection while maintaining the natural timber aesthetic. This means it can withstand ongoing exposure to UV rays, rain, frost and snow while protecting against food and drink spills. The decking will not rot, splinter, warp or fade, no matter how much sun exposure it receives. 

Low maintenance

Once you have finished installing Trex decking boards, you don’t have to worry about working too hard to keep them in good condition. Where some timber decking products require you to reapply oils or coatings or to re-paint the surface after a certain period of time, you never have to worry about doing this with Trex decking boards. After installation, simply leave them to do all the hard work for you while you relax in style.

Eco friendly 

Trex states that during its entire 20-year company history, it has never felled a tree to support the manufacturing of its decking. It recycles 1.5 billion shopping bags a year and saves 300,000 tonnes of scrap wood and plastic from landfill sites. If you are looking for sustainable decking solutions for your home, there is no better option than Trex. 

Easy installation

 You don’t have to be an expert to  install Trex composite decking. Their products are as easy to install as they are to maintain so that you can have the boards in place in no time at all. They use a system called the ‘Trex Hideaway Hidden Fastener’ and when used in conjunction with deck boards that have a groove-edged decking boards it creates an attractive, screw-less finish. 


What is composite decking made of? 

Composite decking is a man-made building product made up of a mix of wood fibers, plastics, and a small amount of bonding agents. This mix is heated, formed into board shaped lengths and then cooled. The resulting boards need far less maintenance than traditional wood decking whilst looking more authentic than plastic alternatives.

Is composite decking slippery? 

Composite decking boards are special material designed not to be prone to slips and falls. In most cases, it will not cause any accidents. Even if it’s wet, the chances are that it’s not slippery. However, there are times that your composite decking can be slippery.

How long does composite decking last? 

Composite decking can last over 20 years with the proper care and maintenance.

Click to read  how to cut and install Trex Composite Decking

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