Composite Decking Calculator

Use this composite decking calculator to work out how many metres of decking you need to cover your project area.
Choose the type of decking required - Trex Composite, Treated Softwood Timber,  Non Slip Timber or  Hardwood Decking and the the calculator will work out what you need.
5% waste is included in the calculations




How Do I Measure My Deck?

With a standard rectangular or square space, all you have to do is measure the length and width of the space in metres. After that, you can use our composite decking calculator to check how many metres of decking is required. If your decking area is L-shaped, you’ll need to measure each section separately before using our calculator.  

How Many Decking Boards Do I need?

You need enough decking boards to cover your space. If you need to fill specific areas, then you’ll need some extra boards. Fortunately, our decking boards are easy to cut.  

What's The Best Time to Buy Composite Decking?

Our composite decking is weather-proof, so you can easily buy and install them any time of the year. But, you should consider getting it by early summer or late spring to enjoy your new deck.