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C16 Timber Joists

Are you looking for timber joists for your latest project? Then look no further than Armstrong Supplies. With our range of C16 timber joists, you will be able to construct your latest project with ease.

Our exceptional customer service will ensure you manage to find exactly what you need and for an affordable price too. We have a vast product range and pride ourselves on the low-price tags on our products too – we make savings and are able to pass those savings onto you.

The topic of timber can be a minefield but we are here to help you understand it better and aid you in choosing the right product to buy.

What Is C16 Timber?

C16 timber is an extremely popular choice for constructional timber in the UK. This is because it is regularised which means it provides regular dimensions and has rounded or eased edges for comfortable handling and fit.

Not only that but it has also been tested for strength and has continued to get a consistent result in its performance applications.

This type of timber is slow grown and is kiln dried to minimize the amount of moisture in the wood. Drying it in this way ensures there is no more than 20% of moisture in the wood which helps keep it in keeping with the relevant building regulations. C16 timber is one of the gradings of what is known as carcassing timber.

Why Choose C16 Timber?

We know that timber can be a confusing product to understand and buy and you might not know why a specific type of timber is better than others. As mentioned above, it is a very popular choice for constructional timber due to it being strong and durable as well as comfortable to handle and fit. It provides consistent results and is very affordable too. It is the most widely used timber in the UK for a reason and the softwood timber comes from sustainable forests.

The timber is extremely high quality and is untreated but stress graded for strength. It has multiple qualities which make it perfect for construction including density, bending and compression. Many people choose this timber because of how versatile it is. Its eased edge uniform finish looks good but the timber tends to be used in an area that will not be seen.

You can rest assured that our entire range of C16 timber has all been stress graded and will ensure a good quality and effective piece of construction.

We Offer A Range of Sizes

Here at Armstrong Supplies, we offer a range of sizes of C16 timber joists so you will always be able to find the size you need. With our varying widths and lengths, it doesn’t mean whether you need 5x2 timber, 8x2 timber or 9x3 timber because we will have exactly what you need in stock.

Each joist comes in a variety of lengths – we have many different lengths for each size in stock so don’t despair! We stock 6x2 timber floor joists and 4x2 timber framing so no matter what you are constructing, you will find the product you require.

Affordable Prices
We pride ourselves on our low price tags and our timber is also very cost effective. You can get a piece of our smallest sawn timber from as little as £4.08 and a piece of our largest timber from as little as £23. These prices are extremely low and competitive and are hard to beat – why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of them?

Where Would I Use C16 Timber?
If you are wondering whether C16 graded structural timber is the right type of timber for your project, then it can be used in many different applications and is seen as the most cost-effective option.

It is most commonly used in internal construction including floors, roofs, and minor building works where the performance of the timber matters. Preferably it would be used in an area that is not subject to wetting or moisture on a regular basis. This eased edge timber looks good and is strong and durable which makes it the perfect choice for internal construction.

Other uses include deck joists and other garden buildings however it is important to remember that C16 is considered the minimum standard for decks above 600mm in height.

Thanks to this type of timber being so versatile, there are many different uses for it. Internal construction is its most common use but if you are unsure of whether this type of timber is suitable for your project, feel free to get in touch and we will be able to advise you. We always advise a little research to ensure you are getting exactly what you need to complete your project.

If you are looking for the perfect timber for your internal construction needs, then Armstrong Supplies will help you find what you need, no matter what width or length you require. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us on 0116 452 0510 or consider heading onto our live chat if you would like to discuss your order or ask us some questions regarding the timber we have on sale.

Don’t forget that if you are buying more than £50 of timber, you can take advantage of our free UK delivery!

We are an online timber and building materials supplier on a mission to make it as straightforward as possible to buy the products you need – which means we know our stuff. If you are unsure of what you need, we are here to help! Let us help you achieve your construction goals!

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