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Plinth Bricks

Our plinth bricks have been crafted in a range of shapes, sizes and colours, and manufactured to BS and EU standards, so you can easily select the items that best suit your building project. As premium plinth brick suppliers within the UK, we are pleased to have a huge range of plinth stretcher bricks for sale, as well as plinth header bricks, angled plinth bricks and plinth corners.

What is a Plinth Brick? 

A plinth brick is one that is used to create course splay detail within a wall. Often used at the base of a wall or for windowsills, kerbs and capping, these special bricks tend to have a sloping side that neatly finishes a design, creating depth and a change in aesthetic thanks to brick plinth detail.

You’ll find that you can buy plinth bricks in many different shapes and sizes. The ones you choose will depend on where on the wall you’d like them to go. A plinth header is usually used at the top of brick walls, while plinth returns work best on corners.

How to cut Plinth Bricks

When making your purchase, keep an eye on the plinth brick dimensions, to ensure they will be the correct fit for your project. A good plan is important so that you can buy with confidence, knowing you have the exact tools and bricks required for your wall. While it is possible to cut your bricks to size, it is awkward and time-consuming and doesn’t always give the best finish.

If you do need to edit the brick plinth construction for any reason, some businesses offer this as an additional service to help preserve the integrity and aesthetic of your bricks. If you would prefer to do this yourself, take your plinth stretcher brick, plinth header brick or your plinth brick sill and use a brick saw to cut it to the size you’d like. Make sure to triple-check your measurements, in order to avoid disappointment.

How to lay Plinth Bricks

Plinth engineering bricks are laid in exactly the same way as traditional bricks, with a closer focus on design. If you have a certain colour brick, such as a red or blue plinth brick, you will want to make sure that the colour is displayed in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible, with the stretcher face on show providing the deepest colour. Of course, you’ll need to make sure that the sliding edge of the red or blue plinth stretcher bricks is also facing the right way before using mortar or cement to fix it into place.

What are Plinth Stretchers?

Plinth stretchers are longer plinth bricks that are intended to reduce or increase a wall width. They are ideal for use beneath windows or door frames, allowing for a flush finish and a decorative angle, as well as promoting an efficient drainage system. Whether you prefer a red or blue brick plinth, these styles of brick make a wonderful feature in your brickwork, indicating the presence of a door or window with deep angles and sharp lines. Intended to allow for variation in your brickwork, plinth stretcher bricks are the decorative finishing touches that you need for your brick wall. High-quality pieces that are made to last, our plinth stretcher brick prices are incredibly competitive and offer amazing value for money.

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