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Wienerberger Special Shape Brick Red Plinth Stretcher PL3.2


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Armstrong Supplies are premier plinth brick suppliers, selling bricks from some of the leading brick manufacturers in the UK. The Wienerberger Special Shape Brick Red Plinth Stretcher PL3.2 conforms to both BS and EU standards, giving you confidence that you are investing in a high-quality brick. Depending on the quantity you need to order, there may be a lead time with the manufacturer. If this is the case we will let you know as soon as possible so your planning is no affected.

What is a Plinth Stretcher Brick?

A Plinth Stretcher Brick is part of a group of special shaped bricks used as a single or double course splay detail. If hard deep slopes and lines are needed, plinth brickwork is usually the go-to solution.

What are Plinth Stretcher Bricks used for?

Plinth brick detail is used to create a change in depth to brickwork that you will typically find at the base of a building, windowsills, capping and kerbs, or for a corbel detail. Red plinth bricks tend to be used due to their aesthetic qualities that ensure an eye-catching finish.

What are the dimensions of the plinth stretcher brick?

The plinth brick dimensions are: 65mm (H) x 215 mm (L) x 100 mm (W). The weight of an individual brick is 2.2kg.

If existing specials are not being matched, you can use the PL.3.1 to create the same profile. The same upstand exists in PL.2.2 as a header rather than a stretcher.

What is the salt content of Wienerberger Red Plinth Stretcher Brick?

Wienerberger brick plinth section detail falls into the S2 category, which means it has a low salt content. This makes it ideal for use in locations that are more exposed to freeze/thaw conditions, reducing the likelihood of surface spalling, cracks and crumbling appearing in the mortar.

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