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Catnic Lintels

At Armstrong Cheshire, we offer a variety of Catnic box lintels and cavity wall lintels, ensuring that you can find the right solution for your project. So, regardless of the project you are looking to complete, Catnic offers a wide selection of steel lintels to fit doorways, windows, archways and apertures of any length, breadth, shape and depth.

What is a Catnic lintel?

Catnic lintel is the pioneered lintel manufactured with a duplex corrosion protection system, an integral plaster key and a built-in damp-proof course with continuous insulation, making them the unique lintel on the market.

What Makes Catnic Lintels the Perfect Choice?

Lintels form an integral part of any significant structural changes to a property and furthermore, builders have to ensure they are manufactured in accordance with all regulations and standards.

So, whether you are looking for an extra heavy-duty lintel and a range of steel lintel sizes, you can be confident in the products that Catnic manufactures. We understand the importance of finding the right solution from a wide variety of lintels for you to choose from.

Furthermore, whether you opt for the Catnic angle lintel, the CG90 100 cavity wall lintel or any of the other products they offer, you will benefit from exceptional heat loss prevention and a duplex corrosion protection system that ensures they stand the test of time.

What are Catnic lintels used for?

Catnic is known for its excellence and that fits well with our desire to deliver the very best products on the market. With a vast amount of experience, Catnic knows all there is to know about steel lintels. They are superior and are suitable for cavity walls, timber frames, external solid walls and internal walls, providing flexible solutions in a  variety of situations.

What Does Catnic Offer?

All of the lintels we offer from Catnic are designed to deliver exceptional support and versatility. As every construction project requires specific solutions, Catnic lintels are available to meet particular needs. Lightweight yet sturdy, they are designed to help enhance wall integrity and thermal performance, while they also improve stability and durability since they are for heavy-duty projects.

You can have confidence in every product Catnic offers, offering exceptional structural performance. What’s more, Catnic products also comply with the technical requirements of:

National House-Building Council (NHBC)

Housing Association Property Mutual (HAPM) with appropriate adjustment factors

Zurich Municipal

British Standards

All of their lintels are designed to meet BS EN 845-2:2003 and are manufactured from pre-galvanised steel in accordance with BS EN 10346:2009 with or without an applied polyester-coated finish.

What size Catnic lintel do I need?

At Armstrong Cheshire, we only offer products that we can trust and that’s why we are proud to provide a full range of Catnic lintel sizes. We are confident that each of their products will deliver complete satisfaction, and with our service, you can have them delivered to the site efficiently.

What’s more, if you are unable to find the cavity steel lintel or metal box lintel that fits your needs then please get in touch with us. We will do all we can to ensure that we can source one for you.

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