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Loft Boards & Chipboard Panels

The loft area of a house can often be left neglected, but even with the smallest of investments you can make a big change and reap the benefits. Loft boards fall into that category, giving you a cost-effective way to transform the loft or attic into a storage or usable area. 

We sell high quality tongue and groove loft boards that simply lock into place without the need for fixing. It ensures you can install a brand new floor quickly and safely, while maintaining the structural integrity of the roof space. So if you are working to a budget and are not a DIY expert, our loft boards are the perfect solution for you. 

Benefit of loft boards

Enjoy more storage space

Storage space is usually at a premium in most households, and installing loft boards allows you to create a loft storage place, making the most of the loft area. It means you can move any clutter away from the living space downstairs into the loft, creating more room and freedom to move around. If you have a loft in your home, it’s a good idea to make full use of it wherever possible.

Increased safety

If you have to go up into the loft area for any reason, it can be tricky balancing on the joints to move around. The last thing you want to happen is to stick your foot through the ceiling, or to fall through the gaps between the joists into the room below. Installing loft flooring makes it easier and safer to move around without any of those worries. 

Extra strength

At Armstrong Supplies we sell full installation kits that come with Oriented Strand Board (OSB) loft panels and loft legs (we also sell these separately). OSB panels is compressed wood that is much stronger than the likes of plywood and has high weight bearing properties (the product information will inform you of how much). This will allow you to store a range of items in the loft away from the main house below.

Added insulation

Loft legs are used in the loft or attic underneath the panels to allow for insulation slabs and rolls to be installed without any compression. In every home more heat is lost through the roof than anywhere else, which is why it is important to insulate the loft. The legs help you maximise heat performance while also allowing for the installation of flooring for storage purposes. 

Lower energy bills

Even if you do not add thermal insulation in the loft, by the installation of flooring, this in itself provides loft insulation. Simply installing the loft boards will help reduce the large amount of heat that is lost via the roof, and even if it is only a little, it should have a positive effect on your energy bills, especially during the winter.

Increased house value

While a full loft conversion will add even more money, a functional loft space also has a lot of a value to potential property buyers. Families with growing children will need all the space they can get and the value of your property instantly rises if your property listing includes a usable loft as a feature. If you plan to sell, all you have to do is install loft boards and you will likely earn much more back on your investment. 

Installing information

Loft boarding is an amazing way to extend your storage system. However, to newcomers, installing a loft can be a tedious project. One of the most common problems that arise is raised loft boarding.

Raised Loft Boarding Solutions

Timber Sub Frame

The traditional way to raise storage boards above quilt insulation is to cross batten the joists with timber and secure boards on top. It is not considered best practice to use this method.

Loft Leg Raised Boarding Systems

Loft Legs are simply screwed into joists in a grid formation and loft boards are then screwed to the top platform of the legs. They are available in two heights to suit different quilt depths. This is the easiest, safest and most cost effective method.

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