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Chipboard Loft Boarding Kits - (Flooring & Legs)


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Joist spacing

Complete Loft flooring solution
~ Kit contains the necessary flooring by joist spacing and area
~ Loft Legs 175mm tall supplied with the kit
~ Prevents compression of insulation, therefore maintaining energy efficiency
~ Hassle free - single purchase by loft area requiring flooring

Our Arranwood Chipboard Loft Boarding Kits are the perfect solution for boarding out your loft without hindering the performance of your loft insulation.

Flooring Grade Chipboard is very resource friendly as it utilises more of the log than some other panel products. The logs are chipped and these are then dried, resin added and then compressed with heat to produce a strong, durable and reliable flooring product.

Compressed loft insulation can compromise the energy efficiency of your home.
Our legs raise the height of the flooring by 175mm, Loft Legs are strong, lightweight, and easy to install, see detailed images.
Legs are manufactured in the UK from recycled materials and comply with ISO9002 standards.

Designed for domestic use only and are not intended for use as a flooring substrate or surface in a permanent living space.
Loft Legs can support weights of 500kg however, they do not change the load bearing characteristics of a loft. Structural engineers recommend never storing more than 25kg per square metre of boarded area.
You should always consider your existing ceiling structure should and this should be confirmed by a structural engineer.
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