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Blue & Red Engineering Bricks

At Armstrong Cheshire you will find an extensive range of engineering bricks available in different colours to suit the needs of your project. We stock Class B bricks from renowned suppliers such as Wienerberger, Ibstock and Ketley Brick so you know you are always guaranteed quality when you order with us.

From plinth stretcher bricks and perforated bricks, to left and right hand plinth bricks, our collection is always expanding and offers everything you need. Class B bricks are smooth and perforated and offer high performance levels for a variety of purposes. 

Browse the selection of engineering bricks we currently have available to find the most suitable for your project, and take advantage of the great prices and delivery times we can offer right across the UK.

Try our brick calculator 

No matter how large or small your project it’s important to know how many bricks you will need. Not only will it help you manage your budget more effectively, but also cut down on wastage. The easiest way to find out how many bricks you need is to use our brick calculator which does all the hard work for you.

Simply enter the height and length of the wall, choose the engineering brick size and you’ll be given an instant answer. It leaves you in control of the project so you can order exactly what you need, receive the delivery and get to work right away. 

About engineering bricks 

Bricks are produced by using a combination of clay, water, sand, calcium silicate and shale, and are ideal for projects involving walls and curves based on an unusual framework. Compared to regular bricks which shouldn’t be used below ground level, engineering bricks are a lot stronger and have low water absorption, frost and moisture, making them a popular choice for buildings that stand in wet and colder environments.

There are two types of engineering brick: Class A and Class B. The higher Class A offers superior water resistance and compressive strength, with blue engineering bricks offering less than 4.5% of water absorption and up to 125/Nmm2 (mm²) of power. Class B red engineering bricks are produced on a larger scale and commonly used on construction sites. Compression rates tend to be over 75N/mm2 (mm²), with water absorption rating usually below 7%.  

This is why engineering bricks are more of a technical choice than an aesthetic one, ensuring more protection for the building in the long-term. They help to enhance structural performance and utility practises, and are the go-to option for builds that face a greater threat of water damage that could compromise the integrity of the structure.

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