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Chipboard Loft Board Flooring Panels (Pack of 3) Covers 1.17m2


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Our clipboard loft panels are easy to fit and are ideal for adding extra storage space in your loft. These loft boards are designed to fit through loft hatches and can be easily handled in tight spaces. Each Pack Contains 3 Boards which Measure 1220mm x 320mm per board.

Loft Panel boards are ideal for storage solutions in dry lofts and attics. The panels have been designed with tongue and groove for easy installation. Easy to handle panel sizes which allows them to fit through most loft doors. Loft insulation can be added underneath if space allows. Loft boards are an effective way of providing a platform for storage inside your loft. The tongue and groove slides allow the loft panels to slot into one another for a secure fit and easy installation.

Features and Benefits

Non-structural flooring boards for creating a new floor over existing flooring

  • The long sides should be laid at 90 degrees to the joists & the ends should always meet on a joist. Floor board joints should be staggered for greater strength
  • Fix panels in place with screws. Each screw should be countersunk & a pilot hole drilled as this makes fixing the boards easier & takes the heads of the screws below the level of the floor
  • Do not be tempted to join boards between joists as they will soon sag & cause a weak spot in the floor. We recommend using screws rather than nails as excessive hammering could disrupt plasterboard below

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