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Standard MDF Board 22mm


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Medium Density Fibreboard with a smooth sanded finish and completely free of natural defects. MDF boards are suitable for a wide number of internal uses such as internal joinery, panelling, boxing in, furniture, shelving, modelling, jigsaws, shop fittings, and architectural mouldings.

Features of the MDF 22mm Board

  • Free of natural defects. Smooth sanded surface and precision finish. Excellent machining qualities.
  • Joinery, cabinet making, wardrobes, panelling, boxing in, Furniture, Shelving / bookcases, modelling, toys, jigsaws, shop fittings, internal joinery and architectural mouldings.
  • Sanding and cutting MDF sheets will create a lot of dust. It is advised that customers use breathing and eye protection. Use dust extractors on electric saws, do not cut in confined spaces.
  • Versatile, non-structural and easy to work with MDF boards used for internal joinery projects
  • Sustainably sourced from managed resources.
  • Cut sheet size may vary slightly due to loss of blade width during cutting.
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