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  • Can You Lay Bricks in the Rain?
    19 January , 2021 Ryan Bibby

    Can You Lay Bricks in the Rain?

    For many, the idea of laying bricks in the rain might seem like one that is relatively straightforward. After all, in the UK, bricks and mortar are exposed to the elements all year round so why wouldn’t it be possible...

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    14 January , 2021 Aaron Stretton

    Is Tyvek Breathable?

    Tyvek is one of those products that you might not be familiar with directly but will have seen in action in different ways. One of the most common uses for it is to cover a building while it is under...

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  • What is FSC Timber
    7 January , 2021 Gerard Dickinson

    What is FSC Timber

      We answer your questions relating to FSC and PEFC Timber When you are looking at timber for a project, there’s a lot of choices and things to consider. But there’s one thing you should never skip - ensuring that...

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  • How To Stop Weeds Growing Between Paving Slabs
    21 December , 2020 Jess lee

    How To Stop Weeds Growing Between Paving Slabs

    One of the things that most spoils the look of paving slabs is when weeds grow through them. Not only that but this can dislodge the slabs themselves, leading to uneven and wobbly patio areas. But stopping those weeds can...

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  • How to Fit a Stair Handrail
    15 December , 2020 Isabel Edwards

    How to Fit a Stair Handrail

    Stair handrails are a safety feature that helps you keep your balance while walking downstairs and to give yourself a boost when walking up them. But they also contribute to the look of the stairs, giving the area a finished...

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  • How to install a suspended ceiling track
    5 December , 2020 Armstrong Supplies

    How to install a suspended ceiling track

    Suspended ceilings bring a lot of benefits to commercial buildings and it’s helpful to know how to install one. In this article we explain how to install a suspended ceiling so you have a complete step-by-step guide to follow. What...

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  • What is Plywood?
    2 December , 2020 Gerard Dickinson

    What is Plywood?

    Plywood is an extremely versatile material that is used for a wide range of construction tasks. From roofing and flooring, to use in furniture and much more, plywood is an affordable and reliable material that many industries rely on every...

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  • Can You Cut  Catnic Lintels?
    6 November , 2020 Aaron Stretton

    Can You Cut Catnic Lintels?

      Catnic are a leading UK manufacturer who have been providing steel lintel to the construction industry since 1969. Their products are some of the most widely used in the industry, such as the Catnic Box Lintel which is ideal...

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