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  • How to Install a Flat Roof Window
    3 November , 2020 Armstrong Supplies

    How to Install a Flat Roof Window

      One of the most common types of flat roof windows are fixed skylights which are considered to be the most leak-proof style around. They are also a cost effective option that help improve thermal efficiency (especially when double or...

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  • How to improve drainage in garden
    1 November , 2020 Jess lee

    How to improve drainage in garden

    Poor drainage can wreak havoc on your garden and lawn, particularly after a heavy rain shower. Standing water and soggy conditions prevent oxygen from reaching roots and, in this environment, fungi such as root rot can easily take hold, damaging...

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  • Main installing decking joists
    29 October , 2020 Gerard Dickinson

    How to Lay Decking on Uneven Ground

    Timber decking is a lovely addition to any garden but there’s one big problem - it needs a fairly even base to work on. So does this mean if you have uneven ground that you can’t have decking? No, it...

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  • What Is The Wholesale Price Of A Brick?
    15 October , 2020 Ryan Bibby

    What Is The Wholesale Price Of A Brick?

    So you’ve been on to the brick calculator and worked out how many bricks of a certain size you need for your project. The next thing you need to see is how much the bricks are going to cost. Now...

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  • How to calibrate a spirit level
    13 October , 2020 Jess lee

    How to calibrate a spirit level

    From construction to engineering, plumbing to carpentry, spirit levels are vital tools used in numerous trades and industries. Designed to help the user gauge how parallel (level) or perpendicular (plumb), an object or surface is relative to the ground, these...

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  • What Size Reinforcing Mesh In Concrete?
    5 October , 2020 Isabel Edwards

    What Size Reinforcing Mesh In Concrete?

    Concrete is a popular material for everything from building a structure to adding a driveway outside your home. While it is strong and can withstand the worst of the weather, it sometimes can become brittle when there’s tension. That’s why...

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  • How to Soundproof a Wall
    30 September , 2020 Aaron Stretton

    How to Soundproof a Wall

    There are lots of reasons you might want to soundproof a wall or all of the walls in a room. Maybe you have thin walls and noisy neighbours. Perhaps you like to play your TV loud but don’t want the...

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  • What is PSE Timber?
    25 September , 2020 Jess lee

    What is PSE Timber?

    When you are looking at timber for a project, there can seem to be a baffling range of different types available. From rough sawn to planed and all the variations, it can be hard to pick out what you need....

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  • What Are Brick Slips?
    9 September , 2020 Ryan Bibby

    What Are Brick Slips?

    In many cases, shortcuts when building something aren’t a good idea. But there are exceptions to the rule and one of those is bricks slips. These are a clever and ultra-quick way to clad a new home, an extension or...

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