What is Redwood Timber? - Armstrong Cheshire
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What is Redwood Timber?

What is Redwood Timber?

Armstrong Cheshire |

There is a lot of confusion when we refer to Redwood Timber. Firstly because people often think Redwood should be Red in Colour whereas it more often looks more white than Red. It should not be confused with whitewood that is generally a slightly whiter white. Nor should it be confused with Hardwoods that are sometimes red.

No, this is not meant to be the start of a Peter Kay sketch but it typifies some of the challenges when wanted a nice piece of timber for general carpentry work.
Softwood Redwood Timber is normally from Northern European countries especially Sweden and Norway and the cold climate makes for slow growth making it strong and durable.

You’ll find Redwood Timber supplied in timber merchants including Armstrong Cheshire as PSE Timber. Skirting Boards and Architraves etc. Be mindful that some lower priced Timbers often available in DIY Stores is Whitewood - it looks similar but not as robust and is more likely to distort.

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