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Can you paint suspended ceiling tiles?

Can you paint suspended ceiling tiles?

Ryan Bibby |

You can paint suspended ceiling tiles into almost any colour you want. You simply remove them from the suspended ceiling grid, paint them, allow drying time and then put them back in the grid.

How to install suspended ceiling tiles

To install suspended ceiling tiles follow these steps:

  • Set the maximum height of the suspended ceiling you want to install.
  • Nail the perimeter moulding into the wall studs including the corners.
  • Install the main runners 4 ft. apart and perpendicular to the joists.
  • Screw eyebolts into every third joist to support the main runners also adding wire support.
  • Tie the runners together with cross about 2 ft. apart from each other.
  • 2 x 4 ft. panels should be installed in the centre of the grid and 2 x 2 ft. panels installed after the 2 ft. connectors have been put in place.

What are suspended ceiling tiles made of?

Tiles used in suspended ceilings are usually made from mineral fibre, with other materials such as fibreglass, clay, perlite, gypsum and cellulose also used. Other styles using glass, metal and wood are also installed, although these are more expensive and less common.

What are the benefits of suspended ceiling tiles?

The main benefits of Armstrong ceiling tiles are:

  • Insulation: Suspended tiles can help trap warm air in the room to improve insulation and make the space more energy efficient.
  • Acoustics: The acoustic properties also help to reduce noise transmission between floors.
  • Safety: Fire-rated ceilings used for corridors can help to hold back the spread of fire while people are exiting the building.
  • Lighting: Ceiling tiles come with a light reflectance rating that can help increase the light distributed across the room, helping the overall look and feel of the space.
  • Access: Removable tiles makes it easy to gain access to the ceiling void whenever needed.
  • Aesthetics: There are a number of finishes available that make it easy to create the design you are looking for.

How do you clean suspended ceiling tiles?

Replacement ceiling tiles are easy to maintain and clean. You can either dust the ceiling or use a vacuum (using the brush attachment) to collect any lose dust or dirt. When cleaning suspending ceiling tiles safety precautions should always be used.

Can I install a suspended ceiling in a bathroom?

If you want to create a new ceiling in your bathroom, a suspended ceiling can also be installed there. However, moisture damage could be a concern if the wrong tiles are used. Be sure to install  moisture-resistant nonporous ceiling tiles to ensure the material isn’t affected by the high levels of moisture created in the bathroom.

Do I also have to install insulation?

When installing Armstrong ceiling tiles or any other brand, you will probably not have to install any additional insulation. That’s because the floors above the ceiling should already be maintained at a regulated temperature. This also applies to basements as they are at least partly heated by the warm air flow from the ceiling above.










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