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TLX Gold Multi Foil Thermal Insulation 2 in 1 10m x 1.2m

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TLX Gold multifoil insulation from Web Dynamics is a 2 in 1 insulating breather membrane, venting moisture like a breather membrane, whilst insulating like non-breathable PIR board. This improves the thermal performance of a roof without concern of condensation or having to adjust the height of the roof.

TLX Gold has been designed for today’s roofer. Whether it’s a roof refurbishment or new build project it improves thermal performance and eliminates the risk of condensation, it vents moisture like a breather membrane and yet insulates like non-breathable PIR board. TLX Gold is Sd intelligent (the more moisture, the more it breathes) which is why there’s no condensation risk, even without a vapour barrier. The TLX Gold product is lightweight, quick and easy to fit, comes with European technical approval and is endorsed by LABC.

TLX gold can be used in historic buildings and public buildings, re-roofing social and private housing, barn coversions, new builds and extensions

Historic & public buildings
Gold has been successfully fitted to many listed and historic buildings, especially where the roofline cannot be altered. Installed above rafters when re-roofing, it immediately makes the roof watertight. TLX Gold is water vapour permeable, allowing the building to breathe naturally, with no risk of condensation.

Re-roofing social & private housing
TLX Gold is installed above rafters without encroaching into internal space, and with no need to access the house. It significantly improves energy performance of the roof, although additional insulation can be added for even lower U values. TLX Gold is fast and easy to install, without any need for protective clothing.

Barn conversions
TLX Gold is ideal where the barn has vaulted ceilings or exposed rafters. The roof is air and water tight, yet breathable, maintaining a comfortable environment inside the barn. Approved solutions and technical support are available.

New build & extensions
TLX Gold is combined with rigid or fibrous insulation to give the low U values and air leakage to satisfy SAP requirements. It eliminates the need for a roofing underlay, and the requirement to fit rigid insulation below rafters.


Length: 10m.
Width: 1.2m.
Thickness: 33mm.
Layers: 7x layers.
Roll size: 12m2.
Roll weight: 11kg.
Thermal resistance: 0.85 m²K/W.
Emissivity: 0.16.
Vapour barrier: 0.50 MNs/g.

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