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DPC Polythene Damp Proof Course 30mm Roll


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Features of the damp proof course roll

  • Embossed to assist mortar adhesion.
  • Durable with proven performance over many years.
  • Manufactured from the highest quality reprocessed materials.
  • Remains flexible – even at low temperatures.
  • Safe and clean to handle.
  • Suitable for use in horizontal and vertical applications throughout domestic construction.

How to install the damp proof course roll

  • If the application surface is not smooth, blind it with compacted soft sand for a soft bed. This ensures it does not have objects that can puncture the membrane when it’s being installed
  • The damp proof course roll should be covered with a screed or protective layer as soon as it has been installed
  • Be careful when applying screed or concrete on top of the damp proof course roll so it doesn’t get displaced or stretched
  • If you’re joining two sheets, ensure there’s a minimum overlap of 150mm between each sheet
  • If there are any punctures in the membrane, patch with sheets of identical thickness. Seal with double-sided pressure-sensitive tape and ensure they lap at least 150mm away from the perforation edge
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