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2400 x 600 P5 Chipboard Flooring Grade T&G 4 edges (Moisture Resistant)


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Sustainable flooring solution for easy use.
  • High density, high performance flooring panel - easy to lay
  • Choice of thicknesses
  • Tongue and grooved all four edges
  • Quieter flooring


  • The long sides should be laid at 90 degrees to the joists & the ends should always meet on a joist. Floor board joints should be staggered for greater strength.
  • Fix panels in place with screws. Each screw should be countersunk & a pilot hole drilled as this makes fixing the boards easier & takes the heads of the screws below the level of the floor.
  • Do not be tempted to join boards between joists as they will soon sag & cause a weak spot in the floor. We recommend using screws rather than nails as excessive hammering could disrupt plasterboard below.
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