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Meter Boxes

If you are in need of a replacement meter box, Armstrong  Cheshire  sell high-quality gas and electricity meter covers, as well as gas and electric meter box doors. They comply with the latest industry standards, ensuring meter equipment has long-lasting protection against the elements and corrosion. Each product arrives with full fixtures and fittings including key, hinge pins and latch sets to make installation easy and hassle-free.

What is a meter box?

A meter box is used to house gas, electric or water measuring equipment. The casing is made from either hard-wearing plastic or metal to protect the sensitive equipment inside from damage and weathering. Meter boxes can be surface or recessed mounted and will either be located inside or outside of a property.

Who is responsible for the meter box?

It used to be the case that utility providers were responsible for meter boxes, however, now property owners are deemed responsible for the maintenance of their gas and electric meter boxes. If you notice any damage has occurred to the meter box door or any other element of the casing or equipment, the person who owns the property will have to arrange repairs or maintenance.

How do you install a meter box?

If you want to install an over-box cover, this involves 5 simple steps:

  • Place the over-box over the current meter box. The existing meter box architrave may be able to remain in place.
  • Clearly mark four holes in the plaster or brickwork.
  • Drill into the marked holes and insert the required wall plugs.
  • Use the screws to screw the box into position.
  • If needed, apply sealant around the edges of the meter box frame.

There are also companies that provide repair and installation services if you do not feel comfortable taking on this sort of job.

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