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Drainage Channels and Accessories

Do you need a drainage channel?

Whether it’s garden drainage, driveway drainage or the efficient flow of water, channel drains, also called as linear drainage, is an integral part of any property. Surface water that cannot drain sufficiently will only lead to an increased risk of flooding and that can cause a wide range of problems.

At Armstrong Supplier, we stock a wide range of channel drains products, ensuring you can find the right solutions that fit your needs. We understand that drainage comes in many forms, so whether you need an ACO drainage channel for patio drainage or you require ground reinforcement grids, we have you covered.

A Range of Drainage Solutions

Where should a drainage channel be placed?

It’s vital that you implement the correct solutions for drainage where possible to prevent possible problems and that’s where ACO excels. The products they offer are made from recycled materials and are designed to offer an excellent level of durability. This means that you can utilize their products in a way that ensures they fit around your property and your needs.

You might be looking to lay chippings down to create a parking area but need a solution that is sturdy yet porous and this is where ground reinforcement grids can make a difference. Certified to handle up to 250 tonnes per square meter, a driveway gravel grid can be easily installed and fitted in place to provide an effective solution that works.

Due to the intricacies and complexities that come with projects such as the building of pathways, pavements, and drainage systems, it’s important to have a range of solutions that you can turn to such as the ACO Brickslot Hexdrain slot drain channel which is a subtle drainage solution that is also unobtrusive.

Another problem that has to be correctly managed is the problem of water drainage around external doors. If water is allowed to collect and pool then it could enter the property but an ACO Threshold Drain Channel will help to prevent this from occurring, encouraging water to drain away quickly and efficiently.

Of course, there is a wide range of additional considerations to make when it comes to drainage and this includes the likes of civic drain end caps, sump units, and foul air traps. The reality is that accessing these products is crucial and ensuring you install the correct solutions will help you to avoid the problems that come with incorrect drainage.

High-Quality Products

Whether you are looking for drainage channels with steel gratings or an ACO ground guard, you can have confidence in all of the products that we stock. We offer both material choices in a range of load classes and with a variety of grating options. We only use the best manufacturers around and we want each customer to be able to choose products that fit their exact needs.

Whether it’s driveways, garden paths and patios to protecting external doors or preventing the release of foul odors, the right solution always delivers exceptional results and that’s where we can help.

With our impressive range of ACO products, you can always find the latest solutions that allow you to complete your project with confidence.

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