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ACO GroundGuard Ground Reinforcement Grid Tile 585x385mm


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Whether it’s for light or heavy traffic areas, ACO GroundGuard ground reinforcement grid is the ideal solution for grass and gravel stabilisation. Use it on driveways, parking areas and other spaces that receive traffic so the ground remains safe and it enjoys the protection it deserves

ACO are a leading provider of surface water drainage solutions. Their products are fully SuDs (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) compliant and can be put to use in a variety of environments. These interlocking grass grids are easy to handle and install and are suitable for domestic and commercial applications. 

How to lay the ACO GroundGuard ground reinforcement grid

Follow these instructions to learn how to lay ACO GroundGuard. It is based on certain site conditions so you may require further assistance from a qualified engineer.

  • Mark out the coverage area on the installation surface.
  • If possible, dig out the existing base. For parking areas and spaces for light traffic, dig around 20-30cm. You may need to dig to 40cm for heavier loads.
  • Install concrete edging pieces if these are being used.
  • Use a plate compactor to compact the sub-base.
  • Using either gravel or crushed stone, fill the excavated area 8cm below the finished level. A plate compactor or roller can be used to tamp it down.
  • 4cm of either sieved sand, compost or loam mix should added to level the area. A wood batten can be used to level it.
  • The ACO GroundGuard grass grid tiles can now be installed. Start on the lengthways section first before assembling laterally. Slightly raise the edge of each neighbouring tile and interlock using the fastening clips. If ACO BorderGuard is being used instead of concrete edging pieces they can now be installed. Use a staggered pattern instead of a grid pattern to ensure better long-term performance.  
  • Use sieved sand, loam or lawn seed mix to fill in the tiles. If the area is going to take a heavier load use lawn seed suitable for parking or you can use gravel.  
  • Finally, water the area and this will start to encourage lawn growth.

What are the benefits of a ground reinforcement grid?

  • Large weight loads: Grass grid products like ACO GroundGuard can take heavy loads of up to 250 tonnes per m2. This makes it ideal for use on driveways, shed bases, parking areas, paths, and access routes.

  • Shape control: Not all driveways or parking areas have the same dimensions, and ACO GroundGuard enables you to cut the tiles to shape so you can have irregular edging. It’s a bespoke system that offers complete support no matter how large or small the area.  

  • Compliant systems: Products like ACO GroundGuard are fully SuDs compliant, so you do not need permission to install them. It is also 90% porous which means surface water is efficiently drained so you do not have to spend money on installing an additional drainage system.

ACO GroundGuard provides a coverage of 4.42 tiles per square metre, so once you have the measurements of your surface area you can use this to calculate how many you need to order. 


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