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Recessed Manhole Covers & Lifting Keys

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Recessed Manhole Covers & Lifting Keys

Whether you are looking for a double-sealed manhole cover, recessed manhole cover or vital accessories such as manhole cover keys, Armstrong Cheshire have got you covered. We have an impressive variety of shapes and sizes to suit all requirements and have everything you need for your project.

In many cases, you may need more than just the manhole cover when it comes to installing a replacement. If you do not have the right fit for the frame it can compromise the whole unit, which could create additional dangers. This means you will have to remove the existing frame and manhole and install replacements of the correct size and loading capacity. 

How to measure a manhole cover

When measuring the existing frame, lift the cover and measure the distance along the inside walls, taking the dimensions from one side to the other. 

Once you have the length and width correctly written down (measure at least a couple of times to ensure you have it right) you can start to look at products. If the existing manhole cover sits on top of a plastic inspection chamber, you will need to measure the chamber’s diameter, measuring across the inside, as it is likely to be circular. 

Manhole cover loading capacities 

For manholes that are being installed in gardens or similar pedestrian areas, an A-Class cover is needed, which will support up to 2.5 tonnes of weight. When it comes to driveways a B Class is the best option, which can take up to 5 tonnes, while also supporting a slow-moving wheel load of up to 1.25 tonnes. 

For driveways that will experience the weight of a small truck or van, a Class C cover is more appropriate, as it has a 10-tonne load capacity. Commercial-orientated areas there are 17-tonne loading capacity limits are available, and the highest weight loading capacity is 38 tonnes, although these are made to order.

Block paving

We have a number of recessed manhole cover options to choose from, which will make for a better finish on patios, instead of using a steel galvanised cover. Recessed covers and frames are metal trays that allow you to install a block paving manhole cover to match the surrounding area. Just as with other manholes, they are available in different sizes and capacity loads. They can be used in the front or rear of the property, depending on where the manhole is situated. 

How to Install a Recessed Manhole Cover

Installing a new recessed manhole cover is a relatively straightforward job, provided the correct tools and materials are used for the task. It will require the tarmac or concrete around the existing manhole to be carefully removed, then levelling and bedding in the new manhole, backfilling the concrete or tarmac around it, and finally installing the new cover. You will need a good level of DIY experience in order to excavate the ground safely, but alternatively, there are professionals who can do the job to a high standard. 

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