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ACO HexDrain Brickslot Drainage Channel with Plastic Slotted Grating 1m

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The ACO Brickslot channel is a slot drain channel drainage system that is easy to install in domestic settings. You can install it adjacent to doors, walls and garages thanks to the discrete 10mm slot.

The ACO Hexdrain Brickslot channel is ideal for slab and block paving up to 60mm deep, which makes it perfect for installation on pathways, patios, landscaping projects and garage thresholds. 

Where can you use ACO Hexdrain Brickslot?

The ACO Brickslot drain can be used in applications like block paving, patios and paths, pedestrian precincts, and garage thresholds. However, it is not recommended for use in car parking areas.

How do you install ACO Hexdrain Brickslot?

To install the ACO Hexdrain Brickslot channel follow these instructions:

  • Dig a trench that measures 325mm wide and 200mm deep. If it is being installed against a structure the width should be 225mm and 400mm deep for the sump. 3mm below the final surface mark the finishing height with a fixed-line, then lay a bed of concrete of at least 50mm.
  • If the sump unit is being used as an outlet cut off the spigot. Position the sump in the concrete bed before a U-PVC Ø110mm pipework connection is connected to the drainage.
  • The base of the corner unit should be knocked out and the cut out for the channel connection also removed. Next, the corner unit should be connected to the sump. The line and level of the corner unit needs to be checked before backfilling with concrete.
  • Ensuring the joints clip together correctly, lay the channels from the corner unit before fitting the endcaps. Once the covers have been fitted use concrete to haunch around the channels. To ensure lateral stability bricks should be laid in mortar. By the end, the finished surface should be 3-5mm above the slot.

The ACO Brickslot drain is easy to install thanks to the channels that simply clip into place without the need for additional fixings. Each channel has a length of 1 metre and also features a cut mark at 500mm so you know exactly where to make the cut.

Does the slot drain allow you to make a 45-degree corner?

Should you wish to customise your channel drainage, while there is not a pre-made part for a 45-degree corner, you can make one by cutting and mitring the channels together as needed.

Can you cut the 1-metre channel to any length?

There is a cut marker at the 500mm point, but you can also cut the channel at any point you need before adding the silicone and end cap to the cut edge.

What are the benefits of ACO Brickslot channel?

Installing the ACO Brickslot Drain offers a number of great benefits:

  • You can clip together the channels with ease to ensure fast and easy installation.
  • ACO Hexdrain Brickslot adheres to Part M of the Building Regulations in England and Wales. It also complies with Section 4 of the Scottish Building Standards.
  • For block paving up to 60mm the offset grating provides the perfect solution.
  • During installation, the debris guard stops the ingress of cement and sand between units.

The ACO Hexdrain Brickslot channel is certified to Load Class A 15 BS EN 1433:2002 and is also CE marked.

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