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Decorative Garden Bark Chippings & Topsoil Bulk Bags

Are you looking for ornamental bark chippings or topsoil bulk bags for your latest project? It often seems like there is too much choice and you don’t know what to choose from. What product is it that you actually need for your project and how much do you require?

No matter what your project is, we will have the product you need here at Armstrong Cheshire. We have plenty of stock to choose from so you can ensure you will always get the product you require to complete your project with ease.

If you have recently installed a lawn, then you are probably looking for a decent lawn top dressing. However you might be considering ornamental bark chippings due to the fact it can perform a multitude of jobs – it can be a decorative option for beds, borders or soil filled areas but it can also be a great safety surface for play areas which is great if you have children. Our garden bark chippings bulk bags are a great quality, affordable option for a situation such as this.

Brilliant Brands to Choose From

When it comes to choosing decorative bark chippings or topsoil, you will want to buy the best quality product. We currently stock two great brands at Armstrong Cheshire that our customers love and we sell at extremely affordable prices. Whether your project is big or small, you will be able to get the stuff you need to complete it.

Our Rolawn Top Soil Bulk Bags are really popular and it is easy to see why. It is high quality and fertile as well as being multi-purpose which makes it perfect for a wide range of planting and landscaping needs. It is also easy to work with in wet conditions. A bulk bag is always a more affordable option – it contains up to 50% more product than o1 tonne of ordinary topsoil which means it retails at an exceptional value.

Multi-Purpose Products

The items we sell are great for a variety of purposes. A garden project can take many forms and our topsoils are wonderful for many different planting and landscaping needs whilst our ornamental bark chippings are great for both safety and decorative purposes.

When buying a decorative bark chipping or topsoil product from us, you won’t be restricted in how you use it. All our products can be used in a variety of ways making them a great option for any project.

Great for Safety Surfaces

The play grade bark chippings we sell are extremely affordable and provide an excellent safety surface for play areas. Our Hallstone Play Chips Bulk Bag is exceptional and is always a popular choice with customers. The play chips are eco-friendly, hardwood and attractive too. As well as being great for play areas, many customers recommend using them on the floor of chicken runs and pig pens to reduce muddy feet.

As well being a fantastic safety surface, products such as this provide free draining which means you will have a cleaner play surface or animal enclosure flooring all year round, making them safe from pests and foreign matters too.

Our Customers Love Rolawn

One of the brands we stock is Rolawn and it is easy to see why our customers love their products. Their blended loam topsoil and the Rolawn landscaping bark are popular sellers for many different projects. The brand is the UK’s leading turf grower and they supply Britain’s Finest Turf. They are also renowned for their market leading topsoils and barks too.

Their products constantly have strong customer feedback and they have achieved awards for environmental excellence and have also been incorporated in numerous award-winning gardens at RHS horticultural shows. Customers love them and we are extremely happy to be a stockist of their products.

As well as stocking topsoil and bark, we also stock their fantastic Medallion Grass Turf Roll at £10 per roll. It is a high-quality and multi-purpose turf for if you want a hard-wearing lawn which requires less frequent maintenance but also stays fresh looking.

Unbeatable Prices

Our bulk bags are exceptional value. It is often tempting to buy the smaller options available due to budget but buying our bulk bags works out as much more affordable for many of our customers. The bulk bags generally contain 50% more product than a normal bag.

The turf we sell also retails at a fantastic price per roll. If you are looking to keep costs down without compromising on quality, then you will want to check out the products we have on offer.

Non-Use of Peat

Another great thing to remember about us here at Armstrong Cheshire is that we support the non-use of peat which is important for climate change control. The products we sell are great alternatives to peat so please do check them out if you are especially looking to avoid peat.

Whether you are at the beginning of your project or have only a few things left to do, the right bark chippings or topsoil will really make the difference. Whether you chose Rolawn or Hallstone, you are assured of a top-quality product at affordable prices. Your project just wouldn’t be complete without using one of the great products we have available.

Check out the exciting ornamental bark chippings and topsoil range at Armstrong Cheshire today. With a number of products to choose from and our brilliant customer service, you will find exactly what you need with ease with us.

Get in contact with us today so we can help you to find the right product for your needs.

Requiring assistance? Give us a call on 0161 4682628 and we will be happy to assist you.

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