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Green Treated Wooden Shiplap Cladding 19mm x 125mm (5x3/4") 2.4m


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Our Arranwood Green Pressure Treated Shiplap Cladding Boards are ideal for a multitude of garden uses such as cladding sheds, summerhouses, cabins or creating an aesthetically pleasing boundary. Otherwise known as Shiplap Weatherboards, they are machined from carefully selected premium softwood boards to ensure the highest quality finish for your project.

Once the boards are cut to size, they are machined to a rebated profile for a professional interlocking fit, this ensures complete coverage and limits weather exposure to the underlying structure. The interlocking joint will mean that the coverage of the board is reduced by approximately 5mm for each board.

The boards are then impregnated with pressure treatment to protect against fungal decay and insect attack, offering your project both an attractive and long service life.

As this exterior timber cladding is preservative treated, please note that you should take precautions when crosscutting the ends. Any crosscut end should be protected using a proprietary treatment as this will help maintain the aesthetic appeal and also the integrity of the preservative properties.

Please note that dimensions are nominal meaning that the finished size may vary by a few millimetres in either measurement.

Use our handy cladding calculator to work out how much you need.

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