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Post Mix Professional Fast Setting Concrete (20kg)

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Fine aggregate concrete mix that normally sets in 10 to 15 minutes suitable for fixing fence posts and bollards. 1 bag per post depending on whole size.

There is no need for mixing - just add water to the post mix concrete after placing in the hole.


Do not use when air temperature is below +5o C or when ground is frozen. Do not mix this product with any other cement, cement admixture or similar products. Do not move the post for at least 10 minutes until after the product has set. For your comfort and convenience wear gloves to avoid any material contacting the skin.

1. Dig a hole of sufficient depth for the post – As a useful guide a 2.4m post should have 0.6m below and 1.8m above ground level. Avoid digging the hole in an ever widening neck. The hole should be at least a spade width on each side.

2. Place the post in the hole and fix in position. Check for alignment with a spirit level. Stake the post with supporting battens, leaving your hands free for the rest of the job.

3. Empty half the contents of the bag into the hole around the base of the post. Pour 1 litre of clean water onto the Rugby® Post Mix Concrete. The best results are obtained when the water is poured on the area directly surrounding the post. Stop pouring when the water ceases to soak away.

4. Now empty the remaining contents of the bag into the hole and again, pour a further 1 litre clean water onto the Rugby Post Mix Concrete until the water ceases to soak away.

5. After setting (approximately 10-15 mins dependent on ambient temperature), the batten supports can be removed. Ideally, allow a further hour before attempting to fix anything to the post as any movement may weaken the concrete

Visit the Cemex Website for Health and Safety and Technical Information