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Pack 10 Roofing Felt Lap Vent Stops Loft roof Condensation / Attic Space Ventilation Airflow


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Manthorpe Felt Lap Vent | Roof Loft Ventilation | Cures Loft Condensation

The Manthorpe Felt Lap Vent is a refurbishment product designed to reduce the risk of condensation within your roof space. Each felt lap vent increases the airflow by 3000mm² per unit once installed within the roof space. These vents can be fitted in a matter of minutes and the 3 integral clips allow for an easy, simple installation.

Manthorpe felt lap vents are fitted on every other rafter at a low level, on each side of the roof, to allow cross flow ventilation and monitoring of condensation. They can fit in to rafter spacing between 400mm - 600mm. If more airflow is required the chart below indicates how many felt lap vents are required

Features and Benefits:
✔ Can be fitted in joist centres with a range of 400mm - 600mm, suitable for most roofs. ✔ Provides the loft space with 3000mm² airflow per unit installed
✔ Easy to fit product with a tamper lead to allow easy insertion between the felt lap vents
✔ Each unit has an additional 3 clips to a secure fit, even on degrading shed felt.

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