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LBC Facing Brick 73mm Heather Imperial Pack of 360


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LBC 73mm Heather is a London, light textured, 102.5 x 215 x 73 mm brick

F1 bricks are good for general purpose brickwork but are only moderately frost resistant. Areas of concern include exposed garden and retaining walls, cills, cappings, chimneys and copings, and between ground level and a damp proof course. An F2 brick, which has a higher degree of frost resistance, should be chosen in these and similar circumstances.

Features and Benefits:

  • High quality facing brick
  • Contribute to thermal mass
  • Can be recycled at the end of their use
  • Locally sourced raw materials BES 6001
  • Responsible Sourcing certification Texture
  • Light textured Brand- London 102.5 x 215 x 73 mm
  • Colour - Red
  • Frogged 13-18% voids Dry Weight per Brick (KG) - 2.3 Comp. strength (N/mm2) - 25
  • Please read our Bricks Returns Policy before ordering.
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