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Astreea Igloo Garden Dome with PVC Weatherproof Cover


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Choose From 3 Sizes

Astreea Igloo Garden Dome with PVC Weatherproof Cover

If you are looking to create extra outdoor space this year, then the Astrea Igloo might just be the option for you. With three different sizes to choose from, you can enjoy your additional garden space all year round. Whether using it in your private garden or using for social distancing measures in a hotel, restaurant or bar, this garden igloo dome is the perfect choice for such occasions.

Allowing you 360-degree views of your surroundings, this garden dome pod is perfect for relaxing or eating in style. Stay warm and out of the bitterly cold weather whilst still being able to look into your garden. The ingenious design of these igloos makes using them a wonderful experience. The frame is extremely durable but also light which means you can move it around to wherever you wish.

No matter the occasion, these igloos are the perfect solution. A great choice for private gardens, these also make a wonderful addition to any pub garden looking to maximise their outdoor space without having to worry about the weather. With a range of sizes and different capacities, you can be the perfect host or hostess or you can take some time out to yourself or as a family to take in your surroundings.

There is no compromise on style with these Astrea garden igloos – the vintage lighting adds a touch of class to the pods and really makes them feel like an enjoyable place to be. The electrical system and lighting system mean you can enjoy the space at any time of the day or year and can be entertained at the same time.

A garden igloo helps to increase the space you already have without any worry about the weather, thanks to being wind-resistant, water-resistant and snowproof. These igloos can be a great place to eat dinner as a family, take some time out to relax and look out on your garden or perhaps even work from home. This space is wonderful with a heater in the winter or letting the sunshine stream in during the summer.

Enjoy time alone or time with family and friends in style with a stunning Astrea igloo – you surely won’t regret it. These are the perfect outdoor dining solution, yoga space or garden office. There really is so much potential to having one of these in your outdoor space.

Astra Igloo Benefits & Features

  • A beautiful igloo dining dome for the garden – a simple pop-up igloo for use outside.
  • Extremely versatile solution – suitable for all seasons
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • The igloo is made of aerospace aluminium 6063
  • The cover is made of transparent 0.8mm PVC film
  • Wind resistant, water-resistant and snowproof.
  • Comes with a protective sealed top for heavy snow and rain
  • The door comes with a zip closure
  • Includes two clothing racks
  • Ready to use screws and holes for connecting external devices or decorations
  • Electrical system ready including plug and play compatibility
  • Philips lighting system using 3 Philips Vintage 4W or equivalent
  • Includes aluminium brackets for securing to the floor
  • Suitable for heater installation
  • Vent for airflow in-ceiling plate
  • Ventilation point also via the zip entrance
  • Portable once assembled
  • No foundation needed – just anchor it to the floor with provided brackets.
  • Optional weight for fixing the igloo where bolting to the floor is not possible to withstand strong weather conditions

Astra Igloo Specifications

Medium Igloo:

Capacity: 2-6 people

Diameter: 3.03m

Base Diameter: 2.5m

Height: 2.3m

Weight: 60kg

Packaging: 2 boxes –

 Box 1 dimensions: 2050x560x250mm

Box 1 weight: 35kg

Box 2 dimensions: 1200x750x250mm

Box 2 weight: 22kg

Large Igloo:

Capacity: 4-10 people

Diameter: 3.72m

Base Diameter: 3.2m

Height: 2.5m

Weight: 75kg

Packaging: 2 boxes –

Box 1 dimensions: 2050x560x250mm

Box 1 weight: 36kg

Box 2 dimensions: 1200x750x250mm

Box 2 weight: 35kg

Extra Large Igloo 

Capacity: Up to 16 people

Diameter: 4.76m

Base Diameter: 4.2m

Height: 2.7m

Weight: 90kg

Packaging: 2 boxes:

Box 1 dimensions: 2300x650x250mm

Box 1 weight: 50kg

Box 2 dimensions: 1200x750x250mm

Box 2 weight: 40kg

What You Should Know

  • Entirely made in a European aerospace company, meaning it is built to last
  • Designed in Romania
  • Easy to assemble
  • Store in a warm area before assembling.
  • Keep the igloos regularly ventilated
  • Includes frame, cover and fixtures and fittings for securing and assembly


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is It Waterproof?

Yes, the igloos are water-resistant, wind-resistant and snowproof. However, moisture can occur and can cause damage so ensure you are ventilating the garden dining pod regularly and properly.

  1. Is It Easy To Clean?

A garden dining pod such as this is very easy to clean. The cover can be cleaned easily with a moist cloth but should not be machine washed, tumble dried or anything similar. Simply wipe it down. However, most surface dirt will wash away if it rains.

  1. What Are The Pods Made From?

The frame is made from aerospace aluminium 6063 whilst the cover is made from premium transparent 0.8mm PVC film.

  1. How Long Does It Take To Assemble The Pods?

The Astrea igloos are extremely easy to assemble and dismantle. It should take less than an hour to put together with two people assembling.

  1. What Is The Life Span Of The Transparent Cover?

The cover has a minimum life span of two years, under proper conditions. The transparent cover should be kept clean, protected against excessive UV exposure, and stored correctly to help increase the life span.

  1. Who Are Astrea?

A company founded in 1992, best known for working within the aerospace industry.


Astreea igloo
Model M – 3.03m

2-6 people
3.03m diameter
2.5m base diameter
2.3m height
60 kg
Packaging (2 boxes):
Box 1: 2050x560x250mm 35kg
Box 2: 1200x750x250mm 22kg

Astreea igloo
Model L – 3.72m

4-10 people
3.72m diameter
3.2m base diameter
2.5m height
75 kg
Packaging (2 boxes):
Box 1: 2050x560x250mm 36kg
Box 2: 1200x750x250mm 35kg
Astreea igloo
Model XL – 4.76m
Up to 16 people
4.76m diameter
4.2m base diameter
2.7m height
90 kg
Packaging (2 boxes):
Box 1: 2300x650x250mm 50kg
Box 2: 1200x750x250mm 40kg
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