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Council Paving Slabs 600x600x50mm ( 2x2 ft) Pressed Concrete


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Our thick, 600 x 600 paving slabs are the type usually seen in public areas that experience high levels of traffic. They are extremely tough and durable slabs that can also be used in domestic environments for the garden or driveway, offering a simple aesthetic and long-lasting durability.

600 x 600 concrete paving slabs perform exceptionally well in all types of weather, from hot sunny days to long periods of rainfall as they absorb little to no moisture at all. Whether you need reliable concrete paving slabs for an indoor or outdoor space, these provide the ideal solution.

What are the benefits of council paving slabs?


Because these types of 600 x 600 paving slabs are purchased in bulk by local councils, it means the cost is lower compared to other types of paving. There is also a considerable price difference between council paving slabs and the cost of buying and maintaining natural stone slabs. So if you are working to a budget this could be the ideal option for you.

Simple, effective style

Installing 600 x 600 concrete slabs creates a simpler look compared to natural stone. It also means long-term you have more control over the aesthetics, which is important as it enables you to refresh the surrounding area safe in the knowledge that the paving can adapt and fit in with almost anything.


Council paving slabs are designed for use in high-traffic public areas as they have to stand up to constant use and exposure to people, cars and the weather. In terms of longevity, it will be hard to find a more durable paving slab for your driveway or garden area.

Low maintenance

These paving slabs remain stable and thick if installed correctly. Due to their use in public spaces by councils they are designed to withstand all types of weather and heavy footfall, so maintenance and repair requirements should be minimal over the course of their lifespan.

Weather protection

These vitrified paving slabs are heated and cooled in a way that enhances their durability. They absorb barely any moisture, making them perfect for gardens and driveways. It also means that moss and algae struggle to grow on the surface, making it much easier to maintain. Our 600 x 600 concrete slabs also won’t become slippery in the rain, which is ideal if you have young children or pets.

How to install council paving slabs

Following these steps for installation:

  • Create a bed about 150mm deep and ensure it is level. Place a landscape fabric as this will help to prevent weed growth later on.
  • Next, add a wooden frame as this will ensure that everything is lined up and straight.
  • Put a 100mm layer of gravel across the paving area and use a screeding tool to level.
  • Lay the sharp sand and check that it is tightly packed and levelled off, and ensure the area has a gentle slope to direct water away from the property.
  • Place the first slab 15mm into the sand. As you add the following slabs, leave a gap in-between each one of around 10-15mm. Avoid kneeling on the slabs as this could affect their positioning. Instead, kneel on the ground or the sand beside them as you work.
  • Once all the slabs have been laid, fill the gaps between each one with more sand. Use water to spray the entire area until the sand is damp and is able to settle into place.
  • About one week later, once the slabs have settled completely, add more sand and ensure it is packed in tightly, helping to secure the slabs firmly into place.

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