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Astreea Igloo Stainless Steel Flower Weights


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Astreea Igloo Stainless Steel Flower Weights

The Stainless Steel Flower weights for the Igloo are a perfect addition to your igloo or garden. 

The flowerbeds are made from stainless steel and are perfect to hold down the Igloo with brackets that fit over the frame.

The stainless steel tubs can hold up to 50kg of soil and flowers once filled it will allow the Igloo to blend into any garden.

Benefits of the Igloo Flowerbed Weight are:

  • Stylish and modern 
  • Blends into the garden background
  • Permanent feature for garden
  • Weatherproof
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Heavy option for weighing down in strong weather

How many do I need for my Igloo:

  • For a medium Igloo 7 bags
  • For a large Igloo 9 bags 
  • For an extra-large 11 bags 


Flowerbeds clamp onto the bottom circle of your Igloo frame and screw in. Each Flowerbed attaches to the one next to it by screwing a bracket in between.


One Flowerbed weighs 8kg on its own and can be filled with up to 50kg of soil and flowers.

This product includes

  • 1x Flowerbed
  • 1x Separator to section the soil inside the Flowerbed
  • 2x Clamps for attaching to the frame
  • 1x Bracket
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