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Kids' dream treehouses brought to life

 Did you dream of having a treehouse as a kid? Were you always looking for the perfect hideout to get away from your parents, chill out and have fun with your friends? If you've ever let your imagination run wild fantasising about the perfect treehouse, you're not alone. This got us thinking, what do the dream treehouses of today’s generation of kids look like and what would happen if these kids were given free rein to design their own treehouses, with no limits on size, cost, practicality or functionality? We asked five children from around the UK to draw their dream treehouse and then turned them into realistic 3D renders. Here’s what they came up with:

1. Alison

According to Laura, the tiredmummyoftwo blogger and mum of ten-year-old Alison, her youngest daughter is an outdoorsy thrill-seeker - strong personality traits that are certainly reflected in her dream treehouse design. As well as the inclusion of an inbuilt trampoline and slide, Alison’s treehouse has plenty of fun features to keep her and her friends busy, including an arts and crafts corner and a YouTube filming area.

Alison's Treehouse7


Football mad Joe from Staffordshire designed his dream treehouse around the beautiful game. Images of football stars adorn the walls and the den comes complete with its very own indoor football pitch. While it’s unclear if parents will be allowed in Joe’s treehouse, mum Emma - blogger and creator of - might be interested to note that Joe has also made an indoor jacuzzi a major feature of his design.

Joe's Fantastic Treehouse

3. Liv

Relaxation is at the heart of nine-year-old Liv’s dream treehouse. Designed especially to give Liv her own space to decorate at will, chill with her friends and have weekly sleepovers in, this multicoloured retreat comes complete with its own slide and tyre swing. And don’t worry mum Simone, aka the Manchester Mummy, this spacious treehouse has plenty of room for you to come and relax too - just make sure you ask for Liv’s permission first!

Liv's Wonderful Treehouse

4. Mark

Ten-year-old Mark imagines his dream treehouse as the ultimate lads’ pad in Liverpool. With full-sized ping pong and pool tables, a 60” flatscreen TV complete with video games and two leather gaming recliners - not to mention an accompanying outdoor swimming pool - Mark and his pals will never be short of something to do in this treetop hideout. However, with a strict ‘no parents’ policy, Mark’s mum Pauline will unfortunately not be allowed to join the fun.

Mark's Amazing Treehouse

5. E

If you ask Maria, suburban-mum blogger and mum to nine-year-old E, about her eldest son, she’ll tell you that you’re likely to find him either with his nose in a book or playing games with his younger brother - hobbies that were clearly in mind when he designed this dream treehouse. With shelves full of books, toys and games, and a free cash machine on the wall, E has got it all planned out. Protected by an electric fence to prevent unwanted intruders from disturbing E and his friends, you may wonder how he exits his tree-based lair. Well, that’s what the zip line is for, of course!

E's Excellent Treehouse

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