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Our online Shop is Currently Closed. Armstrong Cheshire will be back soon
Our online Shop is Currently Closed .Armstrong Cheshire will be back soon

Flooring Calculator


Use this flooring calculator to work out how much material you need to cover your project area.

How To Use Our Flooring Calculator

Choose the type of flooring you are using from the drop down options, complete the dimensions of the area and the calculator will work out what you need.
5% waste is included in the calculations

How Much Flooring Do I Need?

Before ordering your flooring online, you need to estimate how much material you need. You can do this in by:

  • Measuring the space where you’re going to install the floor. You should measure the width and length, and round them up to the nearest inch. Also, even when you have a wall that’s not straight, ensure that you consider the widest point of the space.
  • After measuring, multiply the length of the room by its width to get your square footage.Once you’ve gotten the area of your room, you’re good to go