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Bona Wood Floor Cleaners

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Bona Wood Floor Cleaners

Bona cleaning products are perfect for hardwood, stone, laminate, and tile floors. From hallways to kitchens to living rooms and outside decking, Armstrong Cheshire have a great collection of Bona cleaning products to choose from. They remove all the dust, dirt, and grime you need to keep the floor in great condition all year round.

Bona cleaners are specially formulated and PH balanced to produce fantastic results, while also being environmentally friendly and completely safe to use in your home. They make care and maintenance of your floors easier than ever, offering more protection to ensure you get the most from your investment.

Features and Benefits of Bona Wood Floor Cleaners

Lifetime protection

Bona’s products are designed to offer floors a lifetime of protection when applied as part of a strong maintenance routine. Whether using Bona laminate floor cleaner or wood floor cleaner, they help to revive, restore and replenish your floors to increase their longevity. Bona products bring out the very best in hardwood floors while being affordable, quick and easy to use, and completely safe with no harsh chemicals included.

Beautiful shine

Polishing a hardwood floor is one of the most important skills to learn when it comes to maintenance. Bona floor polish is perfect for high traffic areas of your home, working to fill in micro scratches while adding a durable protective layer. Applying the polish ensures the floor lasts for longer and also makes it looking more aesthetically pleasing. No special equipment is needed to apply it and using the product will keep your floor cleaner for longer.

Daily Cleaning

Using things like wax or steam cleaners, water and vinegar or soap-based cleaners is not advisable for a hardwood floor. Vinegar can be a good cleaning agent but is best used on harder porcelain in bathrooms as even when mixed with water the acidic properties can dull your floor’s finish over time. Products like the Bona PowerPlus Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaner are specially designed for regular use and will not cause any harm to the floor, offering the all-round deep clean your floor needs.

Stone, tile and laminate floors

At Armstrong we also stock Bona cleaners that can help clean stone, tile and laminate floors. The cleaning kits come complete with Bona mop and stone, tile, and laminate cleaners that make it easy to remove grime, dirt, and stains from your floors. The mop is ergonomically shaped to ensure ease of use and can also be easily refilled when needed. You can use the cleaner on other surfaces including vinyl, linoleum, ceramic, granite and more.

Sustainable products

From the Bona wood floor spray mop to their hardwood cleaning products, Bona give you access to green and sustainable solutions. It ensures air quality in your home is maintained when a product is in use and that the elderly, children and pets also remain safe. It’s why they are seen by many as producing some of the best floor cleaning solutions today, keeping your floor clean and everyone safe and protected at all times.

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