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How to Lay Artificial Grass

How to Lay Artificial Grass

Aaron Stretton |

Step 1

If you are replacing an existing lawn, remove the surface to a depth of 100mm. Remove any debris. Level and compact the surface with 75mm of crushed aggregate. It may help to hire a compactor plate to complete this task. In cases where the existing ground does not drain well, it may be worth considering digging out further to aid drainage.

Step 2

Batten out the area to be covered with pressure-treated timber to create a frame around the perimeter. The purpose of the frame is two-fold as not only does it help to contain the aggregate but it also provides a secure frame onto which the grass can be fixed using galvanised nails.

Step 3

Then lay 25mm of sand on top of the aggregate, levelling and compacting the surface again so it is flush with the timber frame. Again whacker plate this down for a stable base. If you are replacing an existing lawn, we recommend at this point to lay weed membrane over the surface area.

Step 4

Lay the grass out thinking about which way you want the pile direction. If you are fixing two rolls of artificial grass together, you will require joining tape and sportfix cartridges. Trim the edges gradually using a sharp knife by cutting from underneath until your required size is achieved.

Step 5

Secure the grass to the timber frame using galvanised nails or u-pins directly into soil.

Optional: You can apply a top dressing of sand which helps the grass to maintain a vertical pile.

Step 6

Use a stiff brush to brush against the pile direction to achieve a natural looking texture.

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