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Untreated Timber LogLap Cladding - 21mm x 88mm (3.5") Finished Size


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Our Untreated Softwood LogLap Cladding Boards are ideal for when you want to build your own garden structure, such as a loglap shed, a loglap summerhouse, a loglap cabin or your own bin store – the possibilities with these loglap (otherwise known as log lap) wooden cladding boards truly are endless.

Carefully selected from the very best redwood boards and machined on-site, you can rest assured that your boards are of the highest quality from their original form to finish.

These boards are kiln-dried to a low moisture content, offering your project further stability. Due to the natural characteristics of the material, it will assume the moisture level of its surroundings, thus the dimensions are subject to minor change over time.

Your boards will be supplied untreated so that you are able to paint/treat the timber to suit your project requirements. Should you need to cut your boards to suit, please ensure that any cut ends are also treated to ensure maximum protection from the elements.

Machined with a tongue and groove (T&G) profile, these wooden cladding boards fit together by simply inserting the tongue into the groove, offering your cladding project superb weather protection. The curved face offers the impression of a log cabin, with the interlocking tongue and groove giving a clean and weather tight finish.

When fitting your boards, it is recommended that they are installed with the tongue facing upwards to allow any moisture to fall away and not be trapped within the groove. The ideal time to fit cladding is between the months of October and April. Should you install your cladding within the summer months, the variation in temperature can cause your boards to warp and twist, therefore it is ideal to install your boards in the cooler months to prevent one board from drying quicker than the other – this minimises distortion and movement to your project.

Available in the following lengths:

• 1800mm (1.8m)
• 2400mm (2.4m)
• 3000mm (3m)
• 3600mm (3.6m)
• 4200mm (4.2m)
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